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Digital Healthcare

Game-changing technology for life-changing results

Game-changing technology for life-changing results

Digital healthcare is changing doctor-patient interactions, detection and prevention methods and ultimately improving health outcomes. These solutions are typically software or internet-connected devices that are erasing the distance between patients and clinicians.

With the right remote-care platform, healthcare providers and patients enjoy the benefits of universal access, simplicity and flexibility and lower costs. By connecting patients, we improve patient outcomes, populations and bottom lines. With artificial intelligence and IoT technologies integrated into how people live, work and play, healthcare providers now have greater access to data at their fingertips and can provide even more personalized care at scale.

Key features

  • Features Icon HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant
  • Features Icon Integrates with health trackers, blood glucose meters and insulin pumps using BLE technology
  • Features Icon Integrates with hospital’s internal systems using HL7 protocol
  • Features Icon Provides symptom trends discovery through big data and machine learning algorithms
  • Features Icon User-friendly communication channel between medical services providers and patients