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Any web-challenge can be solved with PHP: use it to quickly develop highly-performative, dynamic web-applications or websites and streamline time-to-market of your product in a cost-efficient way.

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Let’s find you a PHP-developer

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Usage of server-side programming languages for websites (January, 2019)

Source — W3 Techs report: PHP is used by 78.9% of top 10 million websites.

Facts about PHP

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    PHP covers almost 80% of all web; that language was created specifically for the development of websites and web apps—it’s the very core of the Internet;

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    PHP is a language for back-end development with excellent performance and speed;

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    PHP has a huge market share and tons of ready-to-use open source solutions; that help to accelerate the development.

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    PHP is the most cost-efficient programming language with the most accessible people resources.

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    Most often, PHP is used for sites with a content management system (CMS).

How to delegate web-development to PHP-developer from Bekey

  • Contact us and share objectives and requirements for building your web-solution.

  • Wait for us to find the right PHP-developer with a knowledge of your domain expertise.

  • Interview the candidate we’ve chosen and approve/disapprove him or her for the position Finding a perfect fit for the web-development project usually takes from two to four weeks, top.

  • Reliable, understanding, and methodical PHP-specialist and performance manager assigned to them (if needed) start working on your project.

Debunking three myths of PHP

  • PHP is old, dusty, and nobody uses it

    Most of the web is written in PHP. It’s a very foundation for the next solutions.

  • PHP is not secure enough

    While PHP is really common in small and medium-size businesses, the PHP-based solutions are scalable for enterprises (take a look at Facebook, Aliexpress, Wordpress.)

  • PHP is for small companies

    The security of any code in any programming language depends on quality of the code, not on the type of language.
    A web application written in PHP is as secure as engineers intended it to be.

php-developer average annual wage by country (January, 2019)

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