Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Effective date: January 4, 2021

What this policy covers

We (BeKey, accessible by the address bekey.io, also “us,” “ours,” and so on) value your privacy and want to be very clear about how we collect, use, and share your private information.

This policy is for you to better understand: sources we use to collect your data; types of data we collect; our purposes of collecting and processing your data; cookie policy; how we store and protect your data; your rights in regards to your data in relation to our operation; changes to the privacy policy and different ways of contacting us.

Sources we use to collect your personal data

We collect personal data from

  1. Our website (bekey.io);
  2. Email, texts, and other electronic messages between you and us;
  3. Public sources, including social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but not limited to them;
  4. Our clients, while providing services for them or collecting their testimonials and feedback.

When we process personal information from our clients, we do that in accordance with the Data Processing Agreement (DPA), established between us and protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), conducted together along with Service Agreements, the main agreement between us and our clients.

What information we collect

Personal information. This includes your name, email address, phone number, CV, social media profile, and other information you provide by filling forms on our website. Personal information doesn’t include anonymized information we collect through services like Google Analytics. Anonymized personal information we gather from Google Analytics, though, allows us to understand the type of your browser, your device type, and screen resolution, referring website, approximate (to a country or state) location, and other details. Google Analytics doesn’t give us your personal details and identity. However, if you’ve filled a form and, for example, sent us your CV, we may match the anonymous information from Google Analytics to your identity, using public sources like social media or Google’s search engine.

Sensitive and Child Information. We do not collect sensitive personal data, child data, or data about criminal allegations, proceedings, or convictions. Sensitive data is data that requires your explicit consent for the collection. That is, as defined by GDPR: personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, genetic and biometric data, data concerning your health, sex life, and sexual orientation. Child data or child nformation, which is information about a person less than 16 years old.

Third-party account data. We do not store and warehouse passwords you use to access third-party services (e.g., when sharing our articles on Twitter or Facebook).

When you permit us to connect to a third-party service, for example, your Twitter account, you let us access and store your email address (connected to your account), your current location (if you put your location in your biography), profile photo, URL of your Twitter Page, and other information Twitter (or any other Third Party Service) gives us access to. You also authorize us to use this information and disclose it in accordance with Twitter’s (or any other Third Party Service’s) Privacy Policy.

To control the flow of your data in this aspect, we recommend to check and adjust your privacy settings on these Third-Party Services. We may use this data to connect with you, but only in accordance with Third Party Service’s Privacy Policy.

Communication. If you reach out to us via website forms, emails, text messages, or via any other means of communication on our website or on our social media, we will record that correspondence.

Public comments on our services. We can display a client’s personal testimonial about our services with their consent on us using their words and name. If you’re our client or our past client, and you want to delete your testimonial, contact us via means available in the Contact Us section.

Usage information. This includes information on your usage of our Website, including the number of page views, referral source (where, on the Internet, did you came from to our Website), your IP address, specifics of your device, time spent on the Website, and each page of the website, and other traffic data. This data is collected via Google Analytics. It’s anonymized and considered non-identifying.

Location data. If settings of your devices share location, we can receive your location and may use it to establish a visitor demographic of our Website’s user base and plan our marketing efforts in a ocation-specific manner.

Analytics data. We gather analytics data about your usage of our Website, employee Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Search Console as our analytics providers. To learn more about their privacy policies, read the following:

Google Privacy & Terms

Cookie Policy

Cookies are tiny pieces of data, text files, that a browser places on your computer (or any other device, like a tablet or mobile phone) to collect information about how you use the Internet and how you behave on the Internet; cookies are saved on your device’s hard drive. If permitted by your browser preferences, any website (ours, included) can place a cookie on your browser. For privacy purposes, your browser allows a website—for instance, our website—to access the cookies our website has sent you—but it doesn’t allow us to access cookies you received from other websites. Usually, websites send cookies to your browser whenever you visit them, to track online traffic.

We use cookies, too—which means, we store information on your device as cookie files. They allow us to gather information via identifiers, attached to each of them. We use the online identifier (shows us whether you’re active or not), internet protocol addresses (shows us your IP), device identifier (shows us what type of device you’re using), time cookies (show us what time you’ve visited and how many time you spent on our website) and other technologies.

We use cookies to understand how people use our website, what they read, what they most engage with, and so on,—then, we’re planning our content strategy and advertising on the basis of your interactions with our websites. We’re doing it to make your experience on our website better and to provide you with more engaging, interesting, and relevant content and service offerings.

If you want to block or erase the use of cookies, you can restrict or forbid cookie placements in your browser’s settings.

Why we collect and process your data

To provide services for you

We may contact you by data you’re offered in our user’s form to offer you our services under a service agreement.

For feedback and testimonials

We collect your feedback in different forms and surveys to better understand you and improve our services. After a certain period of collaboration, we may ask you for testimonials on our services.

For marketing

  • To make our marketing efforts more personalized, efficient, and easily manageable
  • To offer you personalized advertising that is relevant to your goals
  • To send you our newsletters, white papers, guides, and video
  • To figure out whether you like the content we publish on our website
  • To constantly improve the content we publish on our website and write useful articles you’ve been looking for

We send newsletters with the latest articles from our blog using Mailchimp services. Our email messages typically include cookies and other similar technology that let us know whether you’ve opened a newsletter or know, whether you’ve clicked on a link in a newsletter or no and so on. Mailchimp is a service that complies with legal and regulatory requirements, and you can find their Privacy Policy on their website.

We can combine information you’ve shared—and information services like Mailchimp or Google Analytics display with social media research to better understand your experiences on our website—and use it to create content (like new articles, white papers, guidelines, video) you would really like to see.

For recruiting

We use the information you share with us to recruit new people for our company.

For analytics

We use services like Google Analytics to better understand your experiences on our website and to personalize it, so it will be more useful and interesting for you.


We share your information with our employees if sharing is needed to provide you with our services.

Sharing of non-identifying information. We collect, disclose, and share non-identifying information (like your browsing data) with third-parties to improve our services and adjust/improve our marketing activities.

Sharing of identifying information. We collect and share your personal identifiable information with our employees and service contract workers if it’s needed to provide you with good services and marketing offerings. All our employees and service contract workers are committed to protecting your privacy and obligated to do so under the terms and conditions of our partnerships. We also share your personal information with third parties that develop services we use to send you newsletters and notifications about the newest content on our Website (Mailchimp).

Sharing for legal purposes. To comply with court orders other legal or regulatory requirements that are requiring us to share information via specific requests.

We do not share your personal information without your consent. We do тще sell your personal information.

Storage of your data

We store collected information in BeKey's private and secure cloud storage. In this database, we store information about our clients, our subscribers, and people who have sent us their CVs—in one word, everyone who shares their personal info in forms within our Website.

If you sent us your contact and you wish to remove your personal information from our database, contact us.

Protection of your data

Your personal information is kept secure in our database, connected to our Website, which is protected via TLS 1.2 protocol and sha256RSA encryption algorithm; it’s accessible to a limited number of people who are committed to complying with this Policy.

Your rights

To information. We’re giving you information about parties that process your personal data, their purpose for processing it, the details on where your data is stored, and how we protect it.

To access. You can contact us and receive a copy of your personal data we process.

To rectification. You can contact us and update or correct your personal information

To be forgotten. You can contact us and ask to delete all your personal data from our database.

To restrict processing. You can contact us and restrict us from processing your personal data, if:

  • Your data isn’t accurate
  • The goal of processing is fulfilled (e.g., you’ve given your client testimony.)
  • You want us to stop processing your data by using your right to object
  • You find processing unlawful

To object. You can object to specific types of data processing, e.g. to using your personal data in marketing. If you want to do so, please contact us. You can also opt-out from all email marketing campaigns by contacting us or by opting out (clicking “Unsubscribe) from our Mailchimp-powered newsletter.

To be notified. We inform you if we want to use your personal data in activities that are not covered in this privacy policy. The notification will include a consent form, so we would use your data in other activities only if you’ve explicitly agreed to us doing so.

To data portability. You can request a copy of your personal data in an accessible format.

Changes to Privacy Policy

We will change this Privacy Policy if new terms that are following new partnerships or usage of new services will arise. If these modifications change or reduce your rights, we will notify you. This Privacy Policy is revised on 2021-01-04.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions, requests, or other inquiries contact us using this information.


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