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Working as providers of customized software and as engineering partners with digital agencies, marketers, and advertising, BeKey helps these businesses utilize the power of automation, big data analytics, and excellent programming to create consistent and charming brands.

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How advertising and marketing changed

Marketers always knew what other industries are figuring out only now: customers’ expectations need to be answered, fast. Figuring out what target audience thinks and why it may feel the need to buy — and then addressing results with a carefully chosen language is your main task, right?

From where we stand, digital expansion — when everyone suddenly has to deal with customer demand to receive personalized, quick, and understandable information about products in the right place — touched marketers’ first. You needed to figure out how to leverage new channels of content distribution, a new language, and quickly-changing trends in what matters faster than anyone.

Successful businesses should be brands now, and to become a brand great product is not enough: people need to know customers’ perception of their products and build strategies to make the product appealing to these perceptions.

We help marketers do exactly that, streamlining their operations through automation, building analytics algorithms to figure out important insights about their audience (and their clients’ audience), and working alongside them as tech partners.

We build software that helps you do what you’re doing, but quicker — and with less headache. If you are interested, send a word.

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How we work with marketing and advertising agencies

Software for small and medium marketing and advertising agencies

When people start agencies, one of their main pain points is where to find new clients. We build software for small marketing businesses that helps them create an efficient and smooth lead generation pipeline, management solutions to keep projects organized from the very start, and tools for efficient teams collaboration.

Software for enterprise marketers and advertisers

When the agency is scaling, the next good question that you’d want to address is “how do I spend less time working while increasing profits?” The answer is simple: add value and retain a customer. For retention and nurturing your existing client base, we build CRM systems, customized for your target industry and use AI-driven engines to help you find clients that will stay with you for a long time.

As tech partners

The talent shortage is like an annoying relative on the family dinner nobody’s glad to see, and every industry has it. We help marketing and advertising agencies address their shortage of tech people through our engineering experience. You build brands, we build high-quality user-centric software that translates the value of these brands.

What we build for marketers and advertisers

Management & collaboration software for creatives

Teamwork drives innovation, but it’s often extremely disorganized. We build software solutions that help marketers and advertisers create a consistent creative flow, understandable for every team player. From the stage of inquiry to the gathering analytics on the first campaign, every step and decision on the way should be documented and translated into data and insights you want to learn from. Simplistic interfaces, tools like chats and comments for easy communication between members of the team, workload visualization and KPI metrics included. If needed, project management software is integrated into CRM: to oversee briefs, plan budgets, and model unique services for each customer together.

Big data analytics software for advertising agencies and marketers

Automation is closely followed by big data analytics: because, when you’re getting results of your promising campaign, you can use predictive algorithms to figure out what results are you going to get on the second one. Machine learning algorithms can help you analyze the segments of your target audience, the way they are talking about brands you’re promoting, and predict their future value — as for client-related work. As for clients-seeking, ML is great for figuring out a way to address a new client niche, gather reactions on your recent promotion activities, and so on. Now, analytics is an integral part of successful marketing efforts, and we build systems for you to leverage it.

Marketing automation software for small and medium businesses and enterprise solutions

We develop marketing automation software, often leveraging the existing information about agencies’ project management workflow, customer relations, business development process. We create easy-to-use adaptive solutions that, in its core, do the most routine parts of your work by themselves. CRMs we build are focused on nurturing your existing leads and prospects (you should have a database of them for automation to work) and on figuring out the specifics of their behaviours in different channels: emails, social media, etc. With the cross-channel portrait of your audience, you’re able to quickly create and test “main” campaign activities: newsletters, calls, and so on. We also build bits of chatbots.

Revenue cycle management for marketing and advertising businesses

Two main issues for marketers are “where to get high-value clients” and “how to demonstrate marketing efforts converting into money to clients”. Revenue cycle management software is what helps you to tailor brand strategy you’re developing to real, tangible results you’re getting. Numbers convince best, so you can use data from your campaigns as a selling point for future clients, too. Additionally, RCM software will give you an understanding of how well you’re competing in the chosen market niche — where to push harder and where everything’s good as it is. It can be used as accounting software, reporting, and even forecasting if needed, which is pretty good for your taxes and, e.g., employee incentives management.

Harness the power of digital to gain more with your agency

The digital transformation came not only with the fight for consumers’ attention and the necessity to become a memorable brand. It came with new platforms, technologies, and devices that are already in consumers’ pockets, on their wrists, in their homes.

Only powerful, disruptive, highly targeted narratives can cut through the noise and get your message to your audience. New technical advancement can amplify your voice and help you succeed quicker, but, if not used carefully or engineered without putting people in the center, they can quiet your words just as well.

To succeed in this new age, you need to understand how to squeeze the most out of these platforms: of voice searches, internet of things devices, smartphones with three cameras, etc. We help you do that — and we help you build on this platform, the unique, engaging experiences that translate your strategy.

See the option that fits your purposes?

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What we do as engineering partners of marketers and advertisers

UI/UX research and human-based design

Working with startups, we’ve figured a lot can be done before engineering. We’re good at research, so we dedicate ourselves to it relentlessly, aimed to convey your brand or your clients’ brand into the interface that will feel and look amazing for the end-users, and will be of immediately recognizable value.

Web, mobile and desktop applications for marketers’ clients

Consistency is a key to a great brand image, so if your promotion efforts are great, and, at the same time, clients’ website or app have bottlenecks with the performance or just doesn’t feel right, it’s a problem. We help build apps that feel native on every platform with Flutter, and we’re quite experienced in it.

Third-party services integration

Remember we’ve said we develop tech helpers for you? We ensure these programs, engines, algorithms, and apps are integrated between each other and work smoothly with a cloud-based database, connected via APIs. We do the same for your clients’ solutions (yeah, payment gateways are included. We even have a favourite one.)

What our clients from marketing and advertising say

Iddo Gill

Iddo Gill

Founder and CEO at BLine Analytics

Tel Aviv Area, Israel

I am very happy with BeKey, they are a well-managed team with access to talented professionals at a cost-effective model. They are hands-on with the team, attentive to client needs with the mutual goal of delivering quality software on time and cost- effectively. BeKey are reliable part of our development team with broad technical expertise.

Vsevolod Pogodin

Vsevolod Pogodin

Owner of the holding company

For the last 15 years, we had an in-house IT department. All those years we struggled with finding qualified experts in development and marketing and paid high costs for the in-house department. We also used several external service providers, and that also was a headache to select and manage. It was a big and clumsy structure. BeKey Team suggested us a solution that sounded science fiction at the beginning - remote R&D center: no need to spend time for interviewing and selecting candidates, no monitoring and management, no extra costs or technology failures. It sounded too good to be true, so we started our cooperation step by step. In several meetings, BeKey understood our needs and assisted in deciding on the best working processes. Then we established our first small team. As time passed it has grown into a big remote R&D Center performing numerous tasks. Highly recommended!

Kassandra Elron

Kassandra Elron

CEO at KMJ by Design, New York, USA

I have always found the entire team at BeKey to be extremely professional. Everyone on the team consistently provides results above and beyond expectations. Any given task is responded with out-of-the-box solutions, new ideas and cost-effective solutions. Businesses may be wary of hiring any sort of dedicated software teams abroad. I've been burned by similar situations - but the BeKey team work around the clock, are extremely responsive and experts at what they do. Not only are they more than capable - they are able to suggest new ideas I hadn't thought of. We recently had a kick off in Ukraine - and the team welcomed me with open arms. Everyone at BeKey is extremely timely and responsible, communicative and super intelligent. It takes years to build a team like this. Even in the first few months of working together, my team and I felt like we'd been working together for years.

Why we’re a great choice for building digital marketing software for agencies

We’re great at engineering

After years of walking across different fields of different programming languages, frameworks, and tools, we’ve learnt a lot of things. We create software for agencies regularly for a few years now, and it’s been great so far.

We’re amazing at research

We are excellent at in-depth industry and market research, no matter the challenges. If you’re an agency that does music marketing for country music or an agency that plans to run ads in space, don’t hesitate to reach out. Nothing stops us.

We’re honest. And cost-effective

Being remote engineers, designers, strategists and others working in R&D center in Ukraine, we realize there’s nothing we can do but admit: you’re going to save a lot of money and time partnering with us — resources, otherwise spent on searching for developers in your country, doing interviews, onboarding, and all that stuff. By the way, remote workers are more productive.

If you want to boost your marketing efforts with our engineering skills, let’s talk.

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