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Make a big impact with big data

For modern marketers in the digital age, it’s increasingly important to understand how campaigns drive business outcomes and improve the customer experience. Marketers and advertisers have multi-channel efforts that all aim to deliver the right message at the right time to their valuable audiences. But, the key to building successful campaigns is by first listening to your data.

With the help of predictive analytics, marketers and advertisers have the opportunity to design smart audience segments, monetize and create engaging ad experiences, optimize e-Commerce fulfillment and more.

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Key features

AI algorithms for predictive ads personalization

Big data analytics and system management

Configure, schedule and target with ads manager & ads server

Multiple API integrations across top media and social channels

Track key success metrics: reach, conversions and return on ad spend

BeKey helps marketers and advertisers move to leading-edge, integrated platforms so that they can evaluate historical trends, predict what’s ahead and make better, faster business decisions.