Dedicated Software Development Teams

Hire a team of high-level professionals who’re focused only on your project. Get expert engineering services aligned with your business objectives and save time and money to innovate and grow.

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Сustom Software Development Services

Since 2016, BeKey has been creating transparent, customer-centric applications and optimized solutions that allow you to get predictable results in a timely manner. From consultations to usage after final testing, our professional services of software development provides you on all fronts. Using modern approaches and adhering to a transparent development model, we help companies of all sizes achieve productivity and minimize budget overspending. BeKey provides software developers, managers, architects, designers, DevOps, and QA engineers who are fully integrated as your dedicated development team. We can help you turn bright ideas into tangible business results by leveraging our strong technical experience in custom application development and industry expertise.

When the Dedicated Team Should Be Involved

There are many ways to get software for your company: order turnkey development or buy a ready-made solution. But there is another option — to hire a team of professionals, who will do everything under your guidance. So when do you need a development team?

1) You have your own, internal development team, but it doesn’t work. Yes, it happens. Sometimes there is simply a lack of specialists, and sometimes there is a lack of competence for employees to perform certain tasks. In both cases, a dedicated team will be able to significantly strengthen your business and bring product development to a new level.

2) The project is flexible, and the team has to change constantly. No one can afford to hire and fire employees every two months. And the company’s reputation can suffer from such interactions with employees. By hiring a development team, you only get a group of employees to pay when they are useful to you. If there are no tasks for a certain employee and it is not provided — the team can be reduced. It works the same way and vice versa — if you urgently need to strengthen the team, we will allocate more employees, and you do not have to select them by yourself.

3) You do not have a clear technical vision of the result. If you know what you need but don’t know how to do it, you need a team of technicians. They will help to develop a clear technical task and may even suggest better ways to solve your problems.

4) You need to start the project quickly and there is no time to look for each individual employee. It is quite difficult to look for all specialists separately, check the level of their competence, and then try to establish their interaction. You will lose a lot of time and effort, and the result will be questionable. With BeKey it takes no more than a few weeks to assemble a team that will have the necessary skills and knowledge in a particular field. That is, you almost immediately get coordinated developers who are ready to work on your project.

Dedicated Teams for Different Management Levels

We can select for you a dedicated team of specialists to work at various levels of management.

Dedicated team, which develops software for the whole enterprise

Our tailor-made dedicated teams can develop software that provides centralized storage of corporate data or manages interagency activities. Typically, access to such software is granted to multiple users. It has a hierarchy of roles for user access (RBAC).

Dedicated team, which develops software for a specific department

For this development, we study in detail the needs of your employees in a particular department. With the help of software made by a dedicated team, you become more accessible to those functionalities that are not available in mass tools.

Dedicated team, which develops business automation software for a specific management process

Together with you, we examine in detail a specific business process and reveal the possibilities of its automation. Any moment in the work can be organized and facilitated with specific software. And in this case, you may need a dedicated team, created with our help. Sometimes, if needed, we can integrate several software systems to ensure business continuity.

Communicational Model

How does communication take place? There are three sides to the process: BeKey, a client (represented by the owner, co-owner, team lead, CTO, etc), and a tailor-made dedicated team. The customer’s representative asks us to select a team of specialists for a specific project and purpose. We determine, which technical tasks you need to cope with, how you will work, and what results you want to achieve. We discuss all processes and sign contracts with a client, after that, we take on recruitment (headhunting), education, finance, accounting, and employees’ agreements. The selected development team gets acquainted with the project and immerses itself in the business as much as possible. Then begins the process of direct work, in which communication between the client and the dedicated team is direct. The team sets up work processes and starts working on the product.

During our work, we have created more than 20 different dedicated teams. If you’re in some doubts, let’s discuss your project. Contact us by filling out the form.


Custom Software Development for Startups

Use our competencies in product development, management, testing, design and marketing for you to reach your customers and attract investors.

Turn your idea into a reality

Custom Software Product Development Services for Startups

Two factors are crucial for the success of a startup: a relevant idea and a competent implementation. The key component is a quality product. Even if the service meets the needs of the target audience and has no analogs, no one wants to use the add-on with a bunch of bugs and long page loads. Development is a mega-important stage of work for a startup, and you can entrust it to us.
Our immediate goal is to provide our customers with values that give leverage to influence competition in international and local markets.

Startup Software for Different Industries

We give custom software application development services for startups in various industries, but the most expertise we have is in the following ones:

Digital Healthcare

Today, there is no industry from which the digital boom would be far away. Healthcare also needs change, and we are here to provide it with strategic and engineering solutions.
When it comes to the healthcare industry, it is easy to distinguish between high-quality and low-quality services, as this directly affects the well-being of patients.
Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. At BeKey, we work through these channels, connect them, develop value-based applications and software solutions to provide better and more accurate services to patients. Once implemented, these solutions help clinicians feel focused and satisfied with their work, as well as improve patient outcomes.

Wellness and Fitness App Development

The growth of the wellness and fitness industry provides more and more opportunities for businesses and startups in the industry to expand, enter into agreements and provide consumers with more offers, services, and products. However, changes in health are a real challenge: companies have to meet the changing demands of a new customer.
In the post-COVID world, training at home is one of the most popular fitness options, requiring the creation of additional content and platforms on which the consumer can get it. Wellness companies can integrate these platforms with fitness trackers, other wearables, or virtual reality devices to help users track their progress and, if necessary, make real-time instructions.
Mobile applications can now be a useful tool for mental health management using the principles of cognitive therapy and meditation practices. They can also help users as nutrition or fertility planners, exercise platforms, and more.
As a company with deep experience in creating wellness solutions to be as convenient, safe, and useful as possible, we work for both end customers and the companies themselves.

Business Process Automation

Automation is a scary word, still associated with robots that intend to take over people’s work and are likely to conquer the Earth. Although it is not true. Today, automation in different businesses does what people do worse, and gives them time to do what they do better.
Calculations, as well as the processing of large amounts of data, are better not to perform manually. CIO research shows that almost 80% of employees believe that automating routine manual tasks that need to be repeated over and over again will allow them to focus on more interesting and useful aspects of their work.
As one of the companies involved in business process automation, we develop software that allows different organizations in different industries to be more accurate in their decisions. We also provide them and their employees with the time and resources to be human and build customer-centric workflows.

Advertising and Marketing

Marketers always know that other industries are only now finding out: they need to respond quickly to customer expectations. It is your main task to find out what the target audience thinks and why they may feel the need to buy, and then highlight the results in the language chosen.
We help marketers optimize their operations with automation and create analytics algorithms to find out important information about their audience (and their customers’ audiences).

Hospitality and Tourism

Tourism and hospitality are transforming, trying to find a competitive advantage, modernizing their approach to how they should operate and how to meet the expectations of their customers. The success of these industries is now determined, first, by how well they use this potential.
When we talk about “smooth integration” between the online travel agency (OTA), hotel, transport, billing, searching entertainment in a particular area, we think of engineering rounds, modernization of outdated systems, optimization, and so on. Users do not need and do not want to think about all these terms. They want to be able to get everything they need with one web resource or application.
At BeKey, we develop customized solutions to empower the hospitality and tourism industry to provide them with a way to work more effectively, resource-efficiently, and accurately in terms of customer service.

Internet of Things

According to McKinsey, about 25% of companies now use IoT devices in their business. That’s twice as many as five years ago, so imagine what lies ahead.
The reasons for the proliferation are simple: sensors and other equipment are no longer so expensive. Engineering companies have learned to create truly efficient and useful artificial intelligence-driven mechanisms to understand the meaning of the raw data collected by these devices.
Then they make them as accurate as possible and use them in different fields. Security issues remain, but they can be solved — we certainly solve them. Finally, stakeholders have already seen an increase in return on investment in the proper use of IoT. The power of data analysis, data-based decision-making, and tracking is enormous. At BeKey, we offer the development of IoT software so that businesses can acquire this power and use it to their advantage.

If you are close to any of these spheres and you have ideas that are waiting for high-quality implementation, contact us by filling out the form.