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This customer is 15 years old operating worldwide. It has offices in different locations and more than 150 employees.


For a lengthy period our client tried different off-the-shelf products, worked with Excel and Google sheets, but have always found themselves limited with the existing solutions. Our job was to develop a functioning custom CRM based on the client’s needs.


Project started with just 1 Back-End developer, part-time Front-End dev and a Project Manager. We decided to develop custom CRM from scratch and powerful framework was selected as a base for development. We succeeded to create basic functionality in a few months and started to extend the team to increase the speed of development. Currently we have two Developers, one part-time Front-End Developer, one QA and one Project Manager. This wonderful team is doing great progress and we have almost all 150 employees on board using new CRM system within less than six months.

We digitized and optimized business processes in the company by providing user-friendly and flexible interfaces that can be adjusted for each employee. We used top-notch technologies such as latest frameworks, secured APIs for integration and machine learning algorithms for forecasts and predictions.


html CSS3 JS php


  • Testing and system monitoring automation
  • Automatic builds and releases
  • Algorithms assisting to select best fit products per client’s need
  • Algorithms assisting to calculate optimal price
  • Automatic registration of staff in governmental registration systems
  • Automatically update financial transactions in CRM and update all relevant parts of system accordingly
  • Provide automatic client identification using IP phones integration


  • Receive leads via API from external websites and landing pages
  • Receive information about financial transaction from banks and credit cards
  • Statistics: we integrated with different third parties to analyze marketing and advertising channels
  • Accounting system
  • IP phone services
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