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Dedicated Software Development Teams

In today’s digital age, companies are reliant on information technology to stay competitive in the market and relevant to their customers. As demand for software development rises, there is greater burden placed on IT organizations.

Tgio meet this demand at scale, more and more companies are turning to offshore development teams. These dedicated teams provide agility, flexibility, and speed-to-market rather than having to build an internal dev team, which can be costly and time-intensive.

The dedicated team model is innovative because it provides cost savings and long-term value to the client. It also allows clients to build a team of developers based on their unique business requirements: number of resources, technical skills required, preferred industry experience and more.

Dedicated Man

CEO @ BeKey

“The most important asset in your organization is your people. In your search to find the best fit IT professionals, BeKey is your trusted partner.”

Our Services

  1. Employees

    We source and secure the best talent for your dedicated team.

  2. Efficiency

    We simplify the process of creating effective teams and operations.

  3. Environment

    We create a collaborative, high-performance workspace.

  4. Enjoyable experience

    We create a fun and enjoyable culture for your team.

  5. Education

    We educate and coach your team on best practices.

Our Approach to Dedicated Development Teams

From start to finish, we take a personalized approach to doing business with our clients. If your project roadmap is variable and you need to scale quickly, we can fulfill your staffing needs right away and hit the ground running.

We start by setting up a consultation to understand your business needs and requirements. We’ll then source the right team of skilled professionals to meet your business model. When sourcing talent, we have a rigorous selection process that includes competency, situational, technical and behavioral questions.

After building your dedicated team, we will then train them on your business operations and processes. Once the team is up-to-speed, they will begin adding value right away by sharing their technical expertise and consultation. The team manages timelines and core milestones from concept to launch. BeKey’s business administration team manages all HR- and finance-related terms so that clients can enjoy quick staffing, minimal paperwork and cost savings.

Communication Model

Dedicated Model

Dedicated team is perfect when:

Dedicated team is perfect when:

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    You need a sustainable software & IT department with qualified professionals 100% focused on your business goals

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    You want a team with well-organized infrastructure, agile approach, fully predictable costs and budget control

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    You prefer to have complete control over the selection, motivation and management of your team members

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    You realize that establishing in-house expertise is not affordable

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    You want to avoid the time and money hiring a team of full-time employees and organize/equip a work environment

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    Your workload is variable and you need to scale quickly or your core team is busy and you need a backup team

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    It’s difficult to find the right talent or you’re looking for a niche technical expertise that your existing team does not have

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    Aside from your in-house development team, you also want to have an independent offshore Quality Assurance Center


Kassandra Elron

CEO at KMJ by Design, New York, USA

I have always found the entire team at BeKey to be extremely professional. Everyone on the team consistently provides results above and beyond expectations. Any given task is responded with out-of-the-box solutions, new ideas and cost-effective solutions. Businesses may be wary of hiring any sort of dedicated software teams abroad. I've been burned by similar situations - but the BeKey team work around the clock, are extremely responsive and experts at what they do. Not only are they more than capable - they are able to suggest new ideas I hadn't thought of. We recently had a kick off in Ukraine - and the team welcomed me with open arms. Everyone at BeKey is extremely timely and responsible, communicative and super intelligent. It takes years to build a team like this. Even in the first few months of working together, my team and I felt like we'd been working together for years.


Vsevolod Pogodin

Owner of the holding company

For the last 15 years, we had an in-house IT department. All those years we struggled with finding qualified experts in development and marketing and paid high costs for the in-house department. We also used several external service providers, and that also was a headache to select and manage. It was a big and clumsy structure. BeKey Team suggested us a solution that sounded science fiction at the beginning - remote R&D center: no need to spend time for interviewing and selecting candidates, no monitoring and management, no extra costs or technology failures. It sounded too good to be true, so we started our cooperation step by step. In several meetings, BeKey understood our needs and assisted in deciding on the best working processes. Then we established our first small team. As time passed it has grown into a big remote R&D Center performing numerous tasks. Highly recommended!


Iddo Gill

Founder and CEO at BLine Analytics

Tel Aviv Area, Israel

I am very happy with BeKey, they are a well managed team with access to talented professionals at a cost effective model. They are hands on with the team, attentive to client needs with the mutual goal of delivering quality software on time and cost effectively. BeKey are reliable part of our development team with broad technical expertise.


Yoav Bachrach

CTO & Co-Founder at VideoTherapy.co

Or Yehuda, Israel

BeKey is truly a model company to work with. As many other startups, we also needed to deliver our product asap. We succeeded to do that with the help of the right developers and other professional guys provided by BeKey.

Why BeKey

  • Highly-skilled developers

    BeKey takes pride in having a network of highly-skilled developers, who have a wide range of programming skills. Our development team has deep expertise in producing and maintaining software, anticipating business needs and delivering as per schedule with technical infrastructure and communication facilities already at your disposal.

  • End-to-end project management

    From project planning, design, development, testing through launch and maintenance, we offer comprehensive development solutions. Through an Agile approach, we use top project management tools for seamless client communication across time zones. We also keep a close tab of your budget and offer a well-organized infrastructure that mirrors your business model.

  • High-quality solutions

    BeKey is known for quality and integrity. You can have peace of mind focusing on your business while leaving development services to be managed by our highly-skilled staff of certified programmers. When you work with us, you can expect excellent customer service and effective solutions to meet your business needs.