Healthcare Digital Booking Platform Success Story

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Healthcare Digital Booking Platform developed for our US-based client by BeKey Dedicated Team.


Develop transparent appointment booking platform, user-friendly and easy to operate for patients and caregivers.


Healthcare Digital Booking Platform is a transparent appointment booking system that automates the whole booking process including submitting personal information, finding the needed specialist, credit reports, online payments and reminders to visit your doctor.

This system allows users to search for appropriate practitioners by the symptoms they observe. Moreover, appointment suggestions contain only those who are nearby, any other doctor can be selected manually. Users can also share their feedback about practitioners which helps others to pick practitioner with better rating.


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High-Level Features Description


Healthcare Digital Booking Platform does medical appointment right. It provides user-friendly and intuitive interface for both patients and caregivers.

Patients Site

  • Location-based caregiver search
  • Easy booking system
  • Personal dashboard with booking details

Caregiver Dashboard

  • Caregivers management
  • Bookings management
  • Notifications and alerts


  • Cloud-based
  • Location based

Notifications and Alerts

  • Patients notifications
  • Medical Staff notifications


  • Testing and system monitoring automation
  • Automatic builds and releases


  • Location services
  • Analytics
  • 3rd parties
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