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People spend on their smartphones almost six hours per day, so it’s only logical for businesses to lift their mobile efforts. Within our innovation hub, we develop robust, stable, and beautiful solutions and secure our clients’ path to success, leveraging years of product engineering expertise — in this case, through Flutter app development company.

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What is Flutter and why is it good for mobile app development?

Flutter is a toolkit for building apps for iOS and Android, a framework created by Google. Google wanted to end compromises between cost, time, and quality that are typical for mobile development, so brands wouldn’t choose between hiring two teams to reach users of every OS and using cross-platform frameworks that sometimes can cause a decline in an app’s quality.

According to our team, the main advantages of Flutter development is a) using a single codebase to develop apps for different platforms, b) hot reload functions that cut the development time in half. Let’s elaborate a bit.

Single codebase means that your mobile developers, in a perfect world, write code once — and run it everywhere. Developers use Dart, a strict and very logical programming language, and with it, they write a code for an app: then, Flutter renders it with iOS- and Android-specific looks. No other languages, no UI adjustments after.

Hot reload function allows Flutter app developers to see changes they’ve made in the code almost immediately after they’ve written it.

Why you may want to hire a Flutter developer — challenges Flutter solves

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Apps developed on Flutter look and feel native, but the development process is very simple

The single codebase and Dart are already aiming at simplicity. There is more: for instance, a lot of interactions are different in iOS and Android apps: scrolling effect, bottom menu. In the usual cross-platform app development, these differences need to be acknowledged and addressed every time. But Flutter automatically employs platform-specific behaviours for an app, which are modelled accordingly to Android and iOS official design guidelines. Moreover, Flutter renders UI from scratch: interaction development and representation of design ideas get more flexibility in comparison to other mobile development frameworks or SDK.

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Flutter is collaborative: design translates to code without changes

Expectations vs reality in app development is another source of compromises Google aimed to eliminate. These are compromises between what product owners or startupers wanted and what result their development team came up with. Flutter cuts engineering time greatly, so teams can take time to incorporate designers’ vision. Thanks to the hot reload function, designers can actually sit with developers and guide them through their ideas. So your app will look exactly like you planned it to look. Aside from aesthetical benefits, collaborative tools enhance the productivity of teams, creativity, and allow them to make better decisions.

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Flutter allows real-time changes, so development is also 2-3x faster

When something needs to be changed in an app, developers should go back to the code, change what they need to change, wait before code is compiled and finally look at the emulator to see if they get changes right. While waiting, developers, in most cases, don’t leave their workplace, as they are focusing on a part of code they’ve added changes to — or functionality’s aspects they’ve needed to set up. Within the process of native development, compilation takes up to 15 minutes. Within cross-platform solutions, the duration is smaller but still significant. With Flutter’s hot reload function, developers can edit code and see changes in less than a second, almost in real-time mode.

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Flutter apps’ performance is great even with a large user base involved

One of the first businesses that used Flutter was Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce platform — they decided to update their app design with Flutter and managed to do it without loss in performance and complaints from users. In Flutter, you can develop apps for an enormous user base without worrying about its performance or weight. 85% of developers working with Flutter are “positively satisfied” with Flutter’s performance: which is a good result for technology — and wonderful news for your users.

Note: Right now, the Flutter team works on the framework’s web and desktop version — so it’s quite possible that in time you’ll reach us, we’ll be able to build your solution on web and desktop as quickly as on mobile. Currently, there’s a beta version of web support — and our team has already tried to compile a few of our clients’ apps for web, as well. Everything works as well as on mobile.

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Why choose us as Flutter developers for your mobile app

Fast shipment

Flutter, itself, is a tool that was built with the fast development in mind, — but it still needs an expert hand to handle it. We have a decade of mobile engineering behind us. This, rigorous user research, quality control, and streamlined in-team collaboration boosts your business through the competition.

Hiring efforts, cut

We provide you with a dedicated team of Flutter developers that want to work on your project, specifically. You don’t have to spend hours finding the right people, renting an office, and making sure your employees are engaged and interested.

Consulting on your niche

You have to respond to customer demand, — that’s a fact. But sometimes, you don’t quite know how to address that demand, how to do that through tech, and how to reach most of your audience to make maximum profit. We leverage our experience in business consulting (take a look at our startup service page) to get you through it, helping you make informed decisions and retain your users.

Note: If you want to know more about Flutter, we wrote an article about why we consider it an amazing option for businesses (with tech details, yep.)



Flutter is the third most loved tools among developers according to StackOverflow.

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Flutter development for your business: offered solutions

  • flutter 1 The new app from scratch for your brand

    Considering people spend a quarter of their day on smartphones, it’s a perfect time to drive your business forward with an app, — or maybe even start it with mobile. Seamless experience, enjoyable aesthetic, user-centric interactions — through the efforts of our best engineers.

  • flutter 2 Flutter app for another OS

    If you already have an app for Android or iOS, we can complete the set with another platform and merge the codebases through Flutter, making sure all branded specifics are translated and beautifully represented within both operating systems.

  • flutter 3 Update through Flutter/App-to-app migration

    Out of a hundred people installing an app, only three won’t delete it within a month. If you need to ensure you’re giving your user the best possible experience or you want to add features or redesign some parts of your app quickly, call us.

What Flutter developer thinks about technology



BeKey Flutter developer

What I really appreciate about Flutter is a feeling of caring from Google developers. Android development team creates lots of confusion, there are inconsistencies in how the system and the updates work. I’m constantly under the impression that people who work on it don’t care about users at all. So I was pleasantly surprised it has no place in Flutter. They create a lot of functions I wish I’d have: instant updates of the interface, for example. Once you get a grip on the Dart language, the rest is really easy. They create amazingly detailed and clear documentation and training tasks. Recently, I built a gallery for desktop application within 15 minutes by their instructions, with a bit of training prior. And, the single codebase. If earlier you needed at least two developers to create iOS and Android versions, with Flutter you need one.

Fixing bugs, adding new features and development process, in general, became faster, and the development team’s productivity and engagement in the product building increased. Compiling issues are eliminated, being something developers joke about a lot: “Why aren’t you working?” — “My code is compiling.” Waiting and interruptions that are connected to it, significantly affect focus and productivity, especially in programming: with Flutter’s hot reload, there are no such issues. Flutter also has many ready-to-use plugins and components which are easily integrated within your app; that adds to the simplicity of the process. You can focus on what you love the most: building solutions that help people — and right there, seconds after you’ve changed something, you see the results. It’s an amazingly rewarding experience.