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BeKey company and our web development services help you build a highly performative, scalable, customer-centric product. We solve your technology challenges and help you utilize the power of most powerful engineering tools, leveraging 10 years of expertise.

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Why choose our company’s PHP web application and website development

Any web-challenge can be solved with PHP. This is a server-side programming language that allows you to quickly develop highly-performative, dynamic web-applications or websites. Fast engineering streamlines time-to-market of your product. A tangible prevalence of PHP among languages of its group and PHP’s simplicity makes the development services cost-effective as well.

Get your idea to a flying start quickly

Being a startup innovation hub, we combine our technical expertise with in-depth market research. That helps us fit your idea into the world of digital consumer demands.

Focus on high-level, strategic objectives

While we work through how to build your product applying best engineering practices, you can focus on high-level sales, transformative processes in your company, and management.

Find lacking tech experts

The talent supply situation in the USA and the world is rather dire, especially in businesses involved in the STEM field. We help businesses find remote high performers and reduce costs of talent hunt.

Save costs of keeping an in-house team

Whatever aspect of PHP web development services you need: full-stack engineering or an increase in efficiency and performance of existing app or site, we’re ready to help you remotely.

Want to hire a dedicated PHP-developer?

Use our talent database and customized approach to recruiting to attract top engineers for your team.

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Usage of server-side programming languages for websites (January, 2019)

Created with Highcharts 7.2.1 Chart context menu PHP PHP ASP.NET ASP.NET Highcharts.com ASP.NET 11.4
  • PHP: 78.9%
  • Python: 1.1%
  • ASP.NET: 11.7%
  • JavaScript: 0.7%
  • Java: 3.9%
  • ColdFusion: 0.5%
  • Ruby: 2.4%
  • Perl: 0.3%
  • Static Files: 2.1%
  • Erlang: 0.1%
  • Scala: 1.3%
Source — W3 Techs report: PHP is used by 78.9% of top 10 million websites.

Facts about PHP language in the world of web development services

PHP is the most common language for web solutions

PHP is the very core of the Internet. It covers almost 80% of all web; that language was created specifically for the development of websites and web apps. Due to this prevalence, PHP has a really large ecosystem with a lot of frameworks, PHP-based tools, and ready-to-use open source solutions. It’s a big deal for development because engineering relies on how quickly programming solutions can be thought through and deployed. PHP ecosystem is what helping us doing so.

PHP solutions have high performance, speed, and agility

PHP is a language for back-end development with excellent performance and speed. New releases of the language (PHP 7 series) managed to improve its capabilities drastically, being weaponized with HHVM, a tool to execute programs faster and to make the development process more flexible. Considering the fact that one-second delay causes a 7% decrease in sales, highly performative solutions are an absolute must for every business.

PHP has a large talent pool and a giant community

PHP is the most cost-efficient programming language with the most accessible people resources and, considering the size of its ecosystem, one of the largest talent pools. That means that we’ll find and hire dedicated PHP developers for you easily and quickly, and, after going through our recruiting process, they’ll utilize all PHP community resources and knowledge transfer opportunities.

PHP development can be used for any web-products

If you’re facing a deadline or trying to push your product to market as soon as possible and, at the same time, you need a content management system (CMS), blog, e-commerce solutions, pick PHP as your backend language. PHP solutions are quickly maintainable, open-source tools fasten the process greatly. But, even if you want to develop a large-enterprise and complex application that will require regular updates, PHP is still a good cost-effective option (in BeKey in particular, because we have great software architects that know how to do PHP on scale).

How to delegate web-development to PHP-developer from Bekey

  • Contact us and share objectives and requirements for building your web-solution.

  • Wait for us to find the right PHP-developer with a knowledge of your domain expertise.

  • Interview the candidate we’ve chosen and approve/disapprove him or her for the position Finding a perfect fit for the web-development project usually takes from two to four weeks, top.

  • Reliable, understanding, and methodical PHP-specialist and performance manager assigned to them (if needed) start working on your project.

Debunking three myths of PHP development services

  • php 1 PHP is old, dusty, and nobody uses it

    Most of the web is written in PHP. It’s a very foundation for the following solutions:

    • wikipedia
    • facebook
    • aliExpress
    • slack
  • php 2 PHP is not secure enough

    The security of any code in any programming language depends on the quality of the code, not on the type of language.
    A web application written in PHP is as secure as engineers intended it to be.

  • php 3 PHP is for small companies

    While PHP is really common in small and medium-size businesses, the PHP-based solutions are scalable for enterprises (take a look at Facebook, Aliexpress, Wordpress.)

PHP-developer average annual wage by country (January, 2019)

Created with Highcharts 7.2.1 Chart context menu $3 420,00 $3 420,00 $22 111,00 $22 111,00 $41 442,00 $41 442,00 $62 733,00 $62 733,00 $65 214,00 $65 214,00 India Ukraine Canada USA Israel $0,00 $10 000,00 $20 000,00 $30 000,00 $40 000,00 $50 000,00 $60 000,00 $70 000,00 Highcharts.com

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