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This holding company is 15 years old operating worldwide. It has offices in different locations and more than 150 employees.


Build R&D department for the holding company that would operate in all required IT areas. We assisted in restructuring and optimizing the existing IT Department. Our main goal was to create professional R&D department and establish straightforward and efficient communication channels and workflows between the outstaffed R&D and in-house staff.


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Step by Step

We started from a face to face meeting with the top management to understand expectations and to present our short- and long-term plans.

We started with building a small group of experts that would be the core of the future Department. Those were only three people: Lead Developer, Lead QA and Project Manager.

This approach was proven effective by our previous experience and worked very well in this case too. Small team goes through an easier integration and adaptation process. After work processes were developed and communication with all departments was improved, we were ready for team extension.


The grow process was natural and with the time pass, gradually we have extended the Development and QA Teams and added more departments according to client’s requirements.

Since all the work processes have been already settled, the new team members had a smooth adaptation.


  • Development Team: Back-End and Front-End covering all required technologies
  • Project Managers
  • QA Team: both manual and automation
  • Marketing Team: Online marketing, SEO, PPC, SMM
  • Design studio: graphic and mobile designers, motion designers and video experts


  • Develop and establish work processes
  • Clear reports and KPIs
  • Efficient coordination between departments


  • Establish and manage clear communication channels
  • Status and planning meetings
  • Direct communication with Team Members
  • Centralized Task management system for all in-house and outstaffed Teams


  • Support, development and maintenance of existing software together with in-house Team
  • Custom CRM system
  • More than 10 corporate sites and portals
  • In-house startup projects, currently in Stealth Mode
  • Integration with Gov services and 3rd parties
  • Integration with existing software
Success Story Success Story

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