Our mission

Chasing the unicorn

Our big goals at BeKey are to impact the world of tech startups by helping startup founders build their products—and grow a unicorn on our own someday. While we’re chasing that unicorn, we work with founders who want to build products that help solve real-life challenges and bring value to people—we enjoy seeing the results of our work changing industries and people’s lives for the better.


Enthusiasm & curiosity

We welcome people who enjoy initiative, can work without supervision, and make good decisions independently. We encourage people to learn, share their ideas for changes and innovations in our projects and processes. We believe there’s always room to grow and improve.


We work with startups, and they are in a constant hurry. They need to test their products against potential customers. That means, sometimes things need to be reworked, and we have to develop quickly while maintaining high quality , be robust and flexible to build the best version of the product to show to users and investors.


We love our job and want to work with people who are passionate and motivated to do better. We think high performance is born when people look beyond what’s required—and help solve real-life challenges with the technology.


Trust is what gets people together. And all successful projects, we believe, start with trust and transparency. Progress comes from communication: both ifS it means giving feedback you think no one’s gonna like and telling someone they did an amazing job.


Our company structure is flat. Everyone from the CEO to a junior developer works on the project together. Everyone’s role is huge and, at the same time, everyone can be assigned to deal with issues like a nasty bug. We encourage people to cooperate, brainstorm, and speak up; it makes our work lives and our results better.


Respect is our red priority value: everyone is equal and deserving of respect. We have zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment, and abuse, and won’t employ anyone who denies their teammates respect and dignity.