Quality Assurance & Project Management

The software development is growing multidimensional in distinctive fields. Nowadays the software ventures are becoming more multiplex as compare to the past years. The complexity does not let the customer visualize the consequences that will subsequently alter their actual requirements. Agile methodologies are discovered to let the customer configure alteration in its software project at once or sometimes later. BeKey's has a team of highly technical and professional engineers who work intently collectively as a team to fulfill the venture of software development. The team is responsible for working according to the requirements of the customer and to develop software on time.

It is an incremental and transformative way in developing software which is performed exceedingly with a collective work of the team in a self-organized way. The technology is responsible for providing a customer with a cost-effective solution to meet the changing desire of stakeholders. The agile methodologies used by BeKey include Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP), and Feature-Driven Development (FDD). An agile methodology for programming is the capacity to embrace and respond quickly in an altered environment and fit according to the changes. The reason for BeKey choosing the agile methodology is because of its prompt level of adaptability.

The change in the technological world has made various alterations in the traditional development method. The old methods of working are not compatible with the new technologies. BeKey understands the need of developers and put the initiative to utilize the agile technologies. We are providing an approach to produce software at a more rapid pace. The main purpose of agile technologies is to ensure quality and serve as a backbone to the software development process. On time testing, planning, integration and continuous evolution of the development process has made the use of this methodology more popular. BeKey had been very professional since its creation to deal with every project in a distinctive way. Our team closely looks for the need of the customer, what features they are looking for and what specifications they want. The more details are given to BeKey's team management, the better chance your work will be accomplished on time. Our professional business analysts will help you to make your product according to the new trends and put you on the right path to a technological market.

  • QA Manual

    QA Manual

    The QA in its full devotion every time willing to eradicate the bugs and provide the client with a bugs-free software according to the specifications. The manual testing is a specific process for locating the bugs and errors of the software. The BeKey tester has the responsibility to look after the proper functioning and appearance of software. The process is initiated manually rather done by using automation tools.

    BeKey quality assurance engineers form a complete action plan to execute software per specified features. The QA Manual is set to meet the quality standards of BeKey and act accordingly with the project requirements.

    Technologies and Tools we use:

    • Jira, Trello, Redmine, TFS, Gemini
    • Postman, SoapUI, MySQL, Test Design Patterns, QAComplete
  • QA Automation

    QA Automation

    A software developer requires its software to be free from defects. There are specific qualified testers and analysts who try to capture all bugs before it is officially given to a user. The process requires a great deal of effort so it was done by QA automation. BeKey has its team which ensures their presence during the cycle of software development and make possible the implementation of test automation. The purpose of QA automation is to fulfill the basic requirements of putting the test scripts and test scenarios.

    The QA automation benefits the user by:

    Time & Money Saver

    Manually repetition of the test of a cycle during development is costly rather than adopting automated software testing for ensuring quality.

    Quality Assurance

    It increases your test coverage and consequently improves software quality. It can at a time able to execute various test cases which is not possible with manual tests.

    Aid developers and Testers

    It helps the developers and manual testers to capture problem quickly.

    Accuracy and improvement

    Every time automated testing improves accuracy and saves detail records.

    More efficient than manual testing

    The complex feature of the software is handled efficiently by QA automation.

    Automation testers work delicately to fulfill the requirements and to maintain the quality standards. Automation quality testers put forward strategies to deal with the development processes.

    Technologies and Tools we use:

    • Java/C# + Selenium WebDriver
    • Serenity + JUnit
    • Selenide + TestNG + Allure
    • CI: Jenkins
  • Project Managers

    Project Managers

    By working with multiple startups from all over the world managers at BeKey precisely understand all the reasoning of agile methodologies and we’ve found the best approach on how to combine and use them. When you specifically craft responsive principles keeping in mind the interests of all the stakeholders, it becomes easy to implement such decisions in an active framework. By utilizing these influence association tools, and accept responsive development routines, you generally get better-quality and faster-developed applications. BeKey aims at gathering the project managers, forming a team of professionals who understand the agile methodologies. The use of agile methodologies in development helps to achieve great results.

    The project managers are responsible professionals who utilized efficient resources to fulfill each end. Project managers confirm that a project is accomplished on time and within a specific allocated budget, that the project's goals are met and that everybody is following the well-defined work objectives to complete their job properly.

    Technologies and Tools we use:

    • Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP),
    • Jira, Trello, Redmine, TFS, Gemini
  • Business Analysts

    Business Analysts

    A professional business analyst coupled with up-to-date technology will be the best to work. The purpose is not only to make the software bug free rather look for professional assistance which could not be possible without a business analyst. A business analyst bridges the gap between the user and a successful software plan. They help in achieving both ends of user requirements. BeKey has a business analyst in the market to offer that performs following key responsibilities:

    • Strategies and overlook the WBS, as per market research and competitors’ actions
    • Implement progressive policies for gathering, revising and scrutinizing data necessities
    • Arrange the requirements as needed and make conceptual models and mock-ups
    • Make workflow diagrams and figures to improve the system proficiencies and specifications
    • Assess business procedures and expecting requirements to explore what areas for improvement or development are still left and implement solutions for it
    • Remain updated on the modern procedures and IT innovations to mechanize and update systems

    The business analyst has both hard and soft skills that let the work to be done in a very professional manner. They facilitate the development process and try to mold the work with user specifications.

    Technologies and Tools we use:

    • Jira, Trello, Redmine, TFS, Gemini
    • Axure, QlikView, LucidChart, Mindmeister, Enterprise Architecture, Jama, SmartDraw, Balsamiq