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Software Development For Startups

The secret to establishing a successful startup is agility and speed-to-market. The best entrepreneurs act fast and learn quickly. While this is an ideal way of working, it can be difficult to achieve when you’re wearing many hats: business development, human resources, technology officer, information officer and more. 

As your startup grows from a young venture to a mature business, custom software development becomes increasingly important. To stay competitive, reduce costs and focus on scaling to meet customer demands, entrepreneurs and startups are benefiting by outsourcing their software development. By outsourcing these services, startups contain costs, manage uncertainty in a dynamic environment and receive rapid and agile delivery.

This model is innovative because it provides efficiency, speed to market and reduced product development costs. It also allows startups to avoid the onboarding and hiring costs associated with building an in-house team.  


COO @ BeKey

"There are four important ingredients for startup success: drive for innovation, zero hesitation, experienced technical and business advisory, and finally, an adventurous mindset. Without these four elements, competitors may implement your idea before you do. BeKey helps you take an idea to proof of concept and MVP, then helps you prepare and raise your first seed to ultimately become a successful startup."

What we offer for startups

  1. Speed

    Deliver products with greater speed to market.

  2. Savings

    Reduce hiring and onboarding costs. 

  3. Skills

    Gain access to a greater network of diverse, skilled developers. 

  4. Sustainability

    Develop an innovative product portfolio with operational efficiency. 

  5. Support

    Encourage teaching and cross-learning opportunities with your team. 

Our Approach for Startup Development

Whether you’re creating a project from scratch or just adding to your existing application, our team of expert software developers and designers can make anything a reality. In the process, we enable technology-focused startups to deliver more value while lowering your development and operational costs.

We start by setting up a consultation to understand your business needs, requirements and desired level of support.

We’ll then assemble a custom package and​ provide you with the team of handpicked experts best fitted to implement your idea.

​Our team of experts will help you discover the sticking points in your application and make incremental improvements along the way. This makes your software flexible without limiting the many opportunities available to your business.

Our process end-to-end

Why BeKey

  • One-stop shop

    Whether you’re looking for developers, QA engineers, project managers, graphic or motion designers or marketing specialists, you’ll have the best team to bring your software and application ideas to life. With a single point of contact, our services allow you to facilitate, speed up and control your concepting, development, testing and marketing efforts. With BeKey, you’ll reduce costs and save time from having to find multiple agencies and brief them in.

  • Knowledge transfer

    We don’t just provide you with skilled coders, we also take the time to share our knowledge and best practices with your team so you can make better business decisions and avoid common mistakes. Unique to BeKey, we act as technology advisors and consultants. So when we master new technologies, methodologies and techniques, so do you. Our built-in knowledge transfer to clients makes us a valuable partner and always ahead of the innovation curve.

  • Scale and speed

    Our software development process is flexible and customized to your unique business needs. This process guarantees quality and timely delivery. Over a quick turnaround period, we will scope and deliver an MVP (minimum viable product) for your concept. Once agreed upon, we will partner with you for a full-scale software product. From consultation to design, prototyping, development and launch, we’re here with you every step of the way.


Avishai Josman

Co-Founder & CEO Crazy S.O.B. Ramat Gan, Israel

As an early stage startup we contacted BeKey to provide us with a professional full stack team to help us scale and fast. We encountered a dedicated, professional and welcoming team, with a unique passion for the job. They provided us with what we needed fast and the costs were very attractive. Highly recommend approaching them.


Tal Or

Co-Founder at ATLASense Biomed Ltd

Tel Aviv, Israel

Although we have a short time experience with Bekey, we have seen their great determination, personnal and proffessional attitude which I believe will lead to a successful longterm business partnership.


Botond Botyanszki

CEO at NXLog Ltd. Szigethalom, Hungary

We were always hesitant to work with agencies but the folks at BeKey are exceptional and we couldn't wish for better. They are truly professional, enthusiastic and simply get things done the way we want it. Special thanks to their UI/UX and Motion Design teams who contributed a lot to our marketing efforts.


Itai Levran

Co-Founder and VP Product of Crazy S.O.B. Ramat Gan, Israel

We've worked with few software dev suppliers, but once we met BeKey we felt that we've found the one... Their service is so much better that all the others, while they ALWAYS deliver on time or even before. They have some of the best talents, ready to boost your project, no matter in what field... Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that their prices claim to be the best in the market! BeKey is a GREAT partner for any of your software dev needs!

Why we’re a great partner to startups

Why we’re a great partner to startups

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    You need a sustainable software development department with qualified professionals 100% focused on your business goals

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    You want a team with well-organized infrastructure, agile approach, fully predictable costs and budget control

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    You prefer to have complete control over the selection, motivation and management of your team members

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    You realize that establishing in-house expertise is not affordable

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    You want to avoid the time and money hiring a team of full-time employees and organize/equip a work environment

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    Your workload is variable and you need to scale quickly or your core team is busy and you need a backup