Software Development For Startups

Gain confidence through high-quality software development for startups

As a startuper, you have to control finances and human resources, business development and marketing strategy — plus, be an inspiring leader. At the same time, you’ve got to be quick, flexible, and innovative in terms of product development to compete with other players and be consistent with customers’ expectations.

Entrepreneurship is fun and cheerful only from the outside. Inside, it’s a tough and challenging job. And we’re there to help you with a solid part of it.

BeKey is a hub of innovation. We guide you through every stage of product development: from proof-of-concept to MVP, and then to product development. Solutions we build help you reach product-market fit, meet your users halfway, and attract investments. You also may expect startup-related business advisory services on how to promote product more efficiently, make product presentations more appealing, and stay, well, saner.

Alex Koshykov

Alex Koshykov
COO @ BeKey

“There are four important ingredients for startup success: drive for innovation, zero hesitation, experienced technical and business advisory, and, finally, an adventurous mindset. Without these four elements, competitors may implement your idea before you do. BeKey helps you take an idea to proof of concept and MVP and helps you prepare and raise your first seed to become a successful startup.”

We offer what startups need most

  1. Speed

    Meet your customers’ demands quicker.

  2. Savings

    Reduce hiring and onboarding costs.

  3. Skills

    Overcome the lack of tech talent through our network of highly skilled developers.

  4. Scalability

    Prepare to scale and grow from the beginning.

  5. Support

    Feel safe and don’t be intimidated by challenges with our tech and industry-specific expertise.

Our approach to startup software development

No matter what stage of development you’re on now, we get your idea to the flying start through high-quality software and applications while saving operational and development costs.

If you’re looking for engineers and designers to help you build MVP that conveys your idea and reaches your first customers and investors or you need to re-engineer or optimize existing software or an app, we’re willing to make it happen.

First, we set up a call to understand your engineering-related needs and business objectives. After your requirements are settled, we provide you with a team of professional developers and, at the same time, consult you on matters of tech specifications, product placement, and strategies for growth and improvement. Then, we start development.

We also want you to succeed. That’s why, when the project is over we help you to keep your software consistent with your audience’s needs and aligned to stakeholders’ requirements.

Our process end-to-end

Why BeKey

  • One-stop shop

    In BeKey, you find the professional, passionate and detail-oriented people who have solid expertise in every activity connected to product development. We help you conceptualize the idea, develop, test, and design an MVP, run user tests, and promote your software or application. With us, you’ll reduce costs and save time that otherwise would be spent on finding multiple agencies and briefing them in.

  • Knowledge transfer

    We don’t just provide you with skilled coders and leave you to yourself. Working as your tech-advisors, we help your developers, QA experts, designers, be more efficient, mindful, and innovative in product engineering. We help your team master new technologies, techniques, and methodologies, avoid common mistakes and streamline development. Understanding the specifics of programming and other tech fields, you’re able to make better business decisions and recognize opportunities for innovation.

  • Innovative, performative, fast

    You know that saying about situations when the amount of work to do is ridiculously huge and you have no time to think about what you’re doing, where you’re going? When you delegate your software development — and one of the pillars of a successful product is mindful user-centric coding — you have that time to think. Our teams are reliable, professional, and always willing to create the best possible solution. With their expertise, it will be easier to shift towards using disruptive technologies or present a user with complex, yet easy-to-understand and convenient software.

Avishai Josman

Avishai Josman

Co-Founder & CEO Crazy S.O.B. Ramat Gan, Israel

As an early stage startup we contacted BeKey to provide us with a professional full stack team to help us scale and fast. We encountered a dedicated, professional and welcoming team, with a unique passion for the job. They provided us with what we needed fast and the costs were very attractive. Highly recommend approaching them.

Tal Or

Tal Or

Co-Founder at ATLASense Biomed Ltd

Tel Aviv, Israel

Although we have a short time experience with BeKey, we have seen their great determination, personnal and proffessional attitude which I believe will lead to a successful longterm business partnership.

Botond Botyanszki

Botond Botyanszki

CEO at NXLog Ltd. Szigethalom, Hungary

We were always hesitant to work with agencies but the folks at BeKey are exceptional and we couldn't wish for better. They are truly professional, enthusiastic and simply get things done the way we want it. Special thanks to their UI/UX and Motion Design teams who contributed a lot to our marketing efforts.

Itai Levran

Itai Levran

Co-Founder and VP Product of Crazy S.O.B. Ramat Gan, Israel

We've worked with few software dev suppliers, but once we met BeKey we felt that we've found the one... Their service is so much better that all the others, while they ALWAYS deliver on time or even before. They have some of the best talents, ready to boost your project, no matter in what field... Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that their prices claim to be the best in the market! BeKey is a GREAT partner for any of your software dev needs!.

Yoav Grinstein

Yoav Grinstein

COO & Founder at Our Clinical Trial

Tel Aviv, Israel

We needed a partner who knows healthcare and healthcare regulations to develop a web and mobile app to allow patients access to their trial team and the ecosystem in a single place. As an early startup, we worked with BeKey on all solution elements from architecture to technology selection to implementation of the MVP and beyond. It’s a fast-paced company with a high level of flexibility and ability to evolve, which was very beneficial for us.

Why we’re a great partner to startups: with us, you will

Why we’re a great partner to startups

  • Work with a team that is intelligent, agile, highly performative and focused on your business goals.

  • Know what you are paying for and have full budget control.

  • Delegate engineering activities you don’t have resources for. And get time to think (or, to meet your family and friends).

  • Manage over every step of the team or delegate management to our team leads.

  • Catalyze innovation using the tech expertise of our programmers.

  • Scale, grow and implement disruptive solutions (AI, cloud, automation, etc.) to compete in the customer-driven world.