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Syr-Tec is an Israeli IoT startup developing innovative solutions for controlling water heating solar systems in industrial and private buildings.


Create user friendly and easy to operate solution to control the solar heating system from the smartphone application, to identify problems, set the temperature, get the pumps and controllers signals, and receive the RT notification in case of alerts and failures.


Rene1 is the first version of IoT product that will be used in different kinds of industrial and private buildings. It will totally control the heating system by providing RT data from sensors and controllers to the Central Control Center and local mobile devices. The mobile application is easy to operate; even nonprofessional will be able to control the water heating system.


c++ java php MySQL wifi

High-Level Features Description


We developed a multilingual and integrated over Wi-Fi device that collects routing sensors data. The system has a bunch of sensors that are connected to a Control Unit. Those sensors pass real-time data about solar system temperature, pipe water flow (in building) and activities of the water pump operation. We developed software integrated with Control Unit via Wi-Fi device displaying information and sending operation commands (AT commands) to Wi-Fi device that passes them to a Control Unit.

Control Unit
  • Wearable device connected to solar system with unmatched multi-sensing capabilities
  • Transmitting data to smartphone via Wi-Fi technology by AT commands
  • List, identify and connect to Control Unit
  • Commands
  • Display the data from the Control Unit in RT
  • Send operation commands to unit
Notifications and Alerts
  • Faults alerts
  • Status notifications
  • Control Unit
  • 3rd parties
  • Control Center
  • Cloud-based
  • Native application for Android devices
  • Real-time data
  • Testing and system monitoring automation
  • Automatic builds and releases
  • Cl
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