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“Video Therapy” is an Israeli startup focused on developing cutting-edge technology for the physical rehabilitation and wellness market. “Video Therapy” works hand by hand with industry leaders to deliver products that fit seamlessly into daily physical therapy services. “Video Therapy” changes the way physical therapy is delivered and practised.


Create flexible Dedicated Team. Provide additional services like design, testing and others by request.


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Firstly we have learnt the company needs to understand the best fit and the available budget. Video Therapy has a very complicated product and our HR and Technical Teams worked very hard to find the appropriate developers. We created special test assignments to assess skills that were important to Video Therapy and interviewed many experts before we proposed the final fit for the company’s CTO approval.

Our Management Team worked closely with Video Therapy CTO to define the most efficient work processes.

Once the Team was hired, CTO took responsibility and directly managed his developers from Israel. Our Management and HR Team continuously monitored the Team’s performance and were always available to resolve any issues.


  • Cloud-based
  • Tele-Health
  • Big data
  • Kinect Motion Tracking
  • Cardio Monitoring
  • Wireless Wearable Motion Analysis
  • Multilingual


  • Develop and establish work processes
  • Efficient coordination between departments


  • Establish and manage clear communication channels
  • Status and planning meetings
  • Direct communication with Team Members
  • Centralized Task management system for all in-house and outstaffed Teams
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