Wellness & Fitness App Development

Wellness & Fitness App Development

With surged popularity first smartphones, then wearables that can track important life signs, wellness, and fitness industry software allowed this field to come into the new age of digital transformation. With our expertise in engineering and knowledge about the most significant challenges the industry faces - necessity to talk to clients personally to retain them for the long term - we build apps that help you do so, both for your customers and for your internal business processes.

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Wellness & Fitness App Development

Innovation, lead by Health, Fitness, and Wellness app developers

The wellness industry is growing and changing. Its growth opens more opportunities for businesses and startups in the industry to expand, make more deals, and present consumers with more offerings, services, and products. However, the changes in wellness are a big challenge for the same organizations: they have to address the changing demands of a new customer.

The number of deals in the health & wellness industry grew by more than half since 2015. The corporate wellness market surged up with businesses offering their employees different wellness benefits - that created an opportunity for fitness and yoga studios to create a new program for them.

Today, at-home training now is one of the most popular fitness options, that requires more on-demand content created and platforms where this content can be accessed. Wellness businesses can integrate these platforms with fitness trackers, other wearables, or even VR devices both to help users track their progress and, if needed, mentor their exercises in real-time.

Mobile applications now can be a helpful mental health management tool, with cognitive-based therapy principles and meditation practices implemented. They also can assist users as nutrition or fertility planners, exercise platforms, and so on.

On the other hand, with the number of clients growing and their demands shifting, wellness businesses require resources that optimize their internal processes and customer relationships, ability to get access to big data to create more personalized experiences, and, consequently, knowledge of privacy regulations in the field. In addition to that, while there’s no shortage of new clients in gyms and users of meditation apps, retention remains the biggest human-related challenge of the industry.

As a company with deep expertise in building wellness solutions to be as user-friendly, secure, and useful as possible, we are there both for end-customers and for the businesses themselves.

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BeKey as Fitness App Developers

Customized Lifecycle Apps

Seems like with Millenials going back to caring about their health and the rise of tracker technologies, more and more people want to break down their habits into numbers. We develop life cycle apps - their main function is to track what users are doing. This includes their physical activity, food habits, sleep or fertility cycles, along with mood trackers, and so on. Analytics, employed in the apps, may, if requested, analyze the data, and offer content to help users change their behavior, adopt new habits, and so on.

Apps for Nutrition

Sometimes, diets are about weight loss, but lately, they’re more and more about eating healthy. We develop apps with meal trackers and meal planners that help users adopt these habits - with or without nutritionists’ online help. They often include content from nutrition knowledge bases. Using data processing algorithms we can use these bases to predict what meals and snacks users will benefit from the most - according to their preferences, pre-existing conditions, and weight or body-building goals.

Workout Apps

There’s a whole range of mobile solutions for physical activities to be developed. It can be a dedicated yoga app for your studio - or geo-tracking solution for users to track their running. We can develop stand-alone or customized studio or gym apps, that will include various programs from training, and intelligent bodybuilding features that will help users plan the development of certain muscle groups, reach weight goals or just try to move more and avoid the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. Per request, we can turn the app into a communication platform for your community or a virtual platform for remote coaching.

Mental Wellness Apps

Depression, burnout, and anxiety stopped being excuses that help avoid hard work in the public eye, and technologies are there, along with the best mental health specialists and activists, to aid in managing these conditions or reducing their impact. Mental health apps can help users meditate, offer useful tools for dealing with anxiety or even panic attacks, become a calming distraction to use when the world feels overwhelming, and so on. Educational interactive content can help them recognize disturbing thoughts and negative thinking patterns.

We develop software in the Wellness Industry

Retention is one of the main challenges of the wellness industry, so for one of our clients, we developed a wellness scheduling platform that helped our clients keep track of their customers’ visits - and keep their customers engaged. The customers wanted to achieve a particular wellness goal (usually - to lose or gain weight). Our clients’ team of coordinators, nutritionists, trainers, and other wellness professionals helped them in it, creating meal and fitness planners according to their goals.

The web-based scheduling platform itself was used by our clients; their customers installed native apps for iOS and Android, connected to it - and completed tasks and reached small goals in these apps in-between offline visits. Tasks were connected to their food habits, physical exercises, and so on, and were part of planners.

Some of the challenges were to complete a training program, to eat certain meals, to read useful articles, etc. If they managed to pass these tasks, they received badges for keeping up with them. A gamification element allowed us to add a bit of fun and motivation.

The system showed coordinators which users struggled with their challenges and how their progress reflected on their mood - mood tracker was also incorporated in native apps. In that way, coordinators, trainers, and other professionals could soundly prepare for the next offline meeting.

Our clients were happy with how it worked. Such solutions, though, work best with wearables, as it relieves users of necessity to keep track of more things - and allows coaches to work with more accurate data; if needed, even in real-time. Constant connection and an opportunity to help users right now if they struggle is of immense value, as positive, encouraging feedback and support make it easier to change behaviors: start exercising, quit smoking, or learn how to handle anxiety.

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What wellness solutions we can develop

Wellness and Fitness Mobile Apps

Regardless of what you want to offer to your customers: a new online tool for them to plan their meals, an online marketplace for your skincare solutions - or you want to invest in branded gym app development, we’re here to create fast, platform-agnostic solutions, combining the style and a feeling of your brand and conclusions from deep user research.

Big data analytics for your wellness organization

We can build analytics algorithms that track your clients’ inspirations, needs, and requirements for the content, and so on, — and show it to your managers in understandable, ready-to-action insights. The same machine learning algorithms, installed in an app, can help deliver personalized, helpful exercises, meal recipes, activity recommendations, mental health tips, or even online streams with little or no of your involvement.

Wellness/Fitness apps + Wearables/other trackers

Internet of things devices - wearables, in particular, - became an integral part of people’s lives: nearly 21% of US residents wear fitness trackers or smartwatches. Being a good source of data both for customers to track their health and fitness progress — and for wellness businesses to correct their training and improve their services, integrated wearables can add real value to your product. We do integration, build custom API for them to smoothly interact with the OS of the devices your customers use, and even build new IoT solutions specifically for your requirements.

Solutions in-between Wellness and other industries

With wellness practices rising in popularity, lots of interdisciplinary solutions might arise on the intersection between your industry and others. That’s where we offer solutions that combine wellness and travel (like apps for wellness-centric travel destinations, meditations, and marathon tours), wellness and retail (online shops for your care products and devices), and develop platforms for corporate wellness. Working with two industries, we take into account the needs and pains of users’ on both sides, to develop software that fills the gap perfectly.

Content platform development for your wellness product or studio

With remote, at home, and even streaming training rising in popularity and people making whatever surrounds them in a yoga studio or gym. Wellness businesses need to reach them through digital, and content can do it for them. We create a platform for you to share and organize video- and text content, talk to your clients via video calls and chats. Similar to some microlearning platforms, you can record exercises, helping clients reach their wellness goals, provide them with knowledge about their physical health in general, nutrition, sleep, and so on in an interactive, engaging way.

Automation in wellness businesses

Lots of clients are hard to track, and it’s, as we’ve written above, very important for the wellness industry to save time spent on data entering and other mundane tasks. With business automation software, your club/studio/business managers automatically see all data about clients when scheduling another visit, keep subscriptions, and memberships in check. In this way, have more time to spend with your clients while the machine does all repetitive data work and other boring stuff. Read more about our BPA expertise.

However complex your wellness solution is, we’re here to do the work.

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BeKey as a Wellness & Fitness App Creator

Expertise focused on your niche

After years of software development for different industries, we are excellent at researching the market so our engineering meets your business goals. We are very meticulous about high performance, security, and accessibility of solutions we build and in building targeted, niche wellness products for a specific audience (like senior people, teens, etc).

Design that helps your app help users

If your app has a confusing interface that is heavy with visual elements, fonts, colors, and animations, you lose your users. Through rigorous testing, our design department creates interfaces that are simple, understandable, easy-to-use, and beautiful. We think good design is a vital asset in users’ retention, so we make sure the app is helpful and comfortable for them.

Affordability on remote

Don’t have a tech department or just plan to assemble it? You know there’s lots of time and money going into that one. We deal with all hiring and accommodation challenges for you, and charge far less than Western countries — and we’re accustomed, due to many years of experience, to high-quality remote collaboration with clients.

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What our clients say: BeKey among Wellness & Fitness Software Companies

Yoav Bachrach

Yoav Bachrach

CTO & Co-Founder at VideoTherapy.co

Or Yehuda, Israel

BeKey is truly a model company to work with. As many other startups, we also needed to deliver our product asap. We succeeded to do that with the help of the right developers and other professional guys provided by BeKey.

Avishai Josman

Avishai Josman

Co-Founder & CEO Crazy S.O.B. Ramat Gan, Israel

As an early stage startup we contacted BeKey to provide us with a professional full stack team to help us scale and fast. We encountered a dedicated, professional and welcoming team, with a unique passion for the job. They provided us with what we needed fast and the costs were very attractive. Highly recommend approaching them.

Itai Levran

Itai Levran

Co-Founder and VP Product of Crazy S.O.B. Ramat Gan, Israel

We've worked with few software dev suppliers, but once we met BeKey we felt that we've found the one... Their service is so much better that all the others, while they ALWAYS deliver on time or even before. They have some of the best talents, ready to boost your project, no matter in what field... Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that their prices claim to be the best in the market! BeKey is a GREAT partner for any of your software dev needs!.

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