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Digital Health Events in 2024 Not to Be Missed: BeKey Recommends

2024 holds great promise for MedTech companies and medical software developers eager to learn and connect. Across the USA, numerous in-person conferences and events have been scheduled to cater to technology enthusiasts. Explore below the highlights of top highly anticipated digital health events slated for 2024:

DigiMed Showcase

  • When: Jan 8th-10th

  • Where: San Francisco, CA

  • What: In the intersection of healthcare and technology, leaders grapple with aligning innovations to meet the changing needs of patients and practitioners. DigiMed Showcase is a guiding force, helping navigate this transformative terrain and utilize technology to revolutionize healthcare. Attendees can expect strategic partnerships, exclusive insights from visionary thinkers, and exposure to groundbreaking innovations that collectively contribute to propelling the healthcare landscape into the digital age.

JP Morgan Annual Conference

  • When: Jan 8th-10th

  • Where: San Francisco, CA

  • What: Join the JP Morgan Annual Conference in San Francisco, known for its dynamic discussions on healthcare innovation and digital health. This unique event brings together technology trailblazers, prominent enterprises, and esteemed members of the investment community. Immerse yourself in engaging and insightful conversations at this influential gathering.

Consumer Electronics Show

  • When: Jan 9th-12th

  • Where: Las Vegas, NV

  • What: Recognized as the most influential tech event globally, this consumer-focused conference presents abundant opportunities for medical device developers. With over 130,000 attendees, including tech companies, developers, and investors, and featuring 3,500 exhibitors, this year’s event is poised to be unforgettable.

IMSH 2024

  • When: Jan 20th-24th

  • Where: San Diego, CA

  • What: Immerse yourself in this event offering captivating experiences, enriching workshops, insightful speakers, and an expansive healthcare simulation Exhibition Hall. It’s an ideal setting for staying abreast of industry trends and connecting with fellow professionals.

Metabolic Health Summit

  • When: Jan 25th-28th

  • Where: Clearwater Beach, FL

  • What: A gathering of global experts in metabolic health and therapy offering keynotes, panels, and classes for medical and academic professionals, tech companies, and entrepreneurs. Attendees can access cutting-edge research, an expo with innovative brands, a poster session showcasing global unpublished research, success stories, and extensive networking opportunities.

Precision Medicine World Conference

  • When: Jan 24th-26th

  • Where: Santa Clara, CA

  • What: PMWC offers valuable insights for everybody curious about the progress toward personalized medicine. The conferences provide clarity on the boundaries being pushed and where the field is headed. It brings together industry leaders, global researchers, medical professionals, and innovators in healthcare and biotechnology.

Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit

  • When: Feb 6th-7th

  • Where: La Jolla, CA

  • What: The 3rd Annual West Coast Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit will host panels, breakout sessions, and numerous speakers, including Jonathan Hirsch (Paradigm), Connie Chen (Lyra Health), and Tom X Lee (Galileo). This conference will draw tech companies, investors, startups, payers, providers, and veteran industry advisors.

MD&M West

  • When: Feb 6th-8th

  • Where: Anaheim, CA

  • What: A medical device trade show featuring over 1,600 exhibiting MedTech suppliers and education sessions taught by medical experts. Participating companies include Labcorp, Nikon, Nelson Labs, and Qosina. This year’s conference will host representatives from over 70 countries.

Connected Health & Fitness Summit

  • When: Feb 7th-8th

  • Where: Los Angeles, CA

  • What: The Connected Health & Fitness Summit unites leading brands in fitness and wellness for a two-day event featuring quality networking and curated content, positioning you ahead in the industry. Engage with key opinion leaders propelling the health and fitness sector forward, delving into emerging trends and lucrative opportunities. Discover reliable partners to unlock fresh revenue streams, stay abreast of industry shifts, and enhance your standing in the consumer health and fitness market.

North Carolina Health Innovation District (NCHID) Digital Health Summit

  • When: Feb 7th-8th

  • Where: Charlotte, NC

  • What: The NCHID Digital Health Summit unites global thought leaders and healthcare entrepreneurs in North Carolina for an annual immersive event. This unique gathering aims to facilitate collaboration, share insights, and spotlight digital health innovations, fostering an environment where early-stage innovators can propel health transformation. Its mission is to empower innovators with the necessary resources and networks to drive substantial changes in healthcare, creating tangible impacts by implementing new models of care and bringing the future of health into practical, real-world settings.

SCOPE Summit

  • When: Feb 11th-14th

  • Where: Orlando, FL

  • What: Clinical trials and research are important in advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care. They help develop new treatments for those who need them. SCOPE Summit 2024, now in its 15th year, fosters collaboration and innovation among all stakeholders. The focus is on advancing clinical trial innovation, planning, management, operations, and investment.

DTx West

  • When: Feb 21st-28th

  • Where: West Hollywood, LA

  • What: DTx West is your all-in-one destination for everything related to digital therapeutics, guaranteeing that you depart with valuable insights and the know-how to expedite your digital journey. The conference offers a mix of workshops, networking sessions, panel discussions, and presentations. Leaders from digital therapeutics companies, pharmaceuticals, payers, providers, government bodies, academia, and policymakers participate in DTx West.


  • When: Feb 25th-28th

  • Where: Los Angeles, CA

  • What: A unique conference for digital health executives featuring double-opt-in matchmaking programs to bring payers and providers together. Attendees include notable names in the digital health industry, healthcare providers, startups, investors, government officials, patients, and healthcare system representatives.

Healthcare Analytics Summit (HAS)

  • When: Feb 27th-29th

  • Where: Salt Lake City, UT

  • What: The 2024 Healthcare Analytics Summit (HAS) emphasizes that healthcare innovation can be sparked from diverse sources. Celebrating its tenth year, HAS 24 serves as the premier platform highlighting the pivotal role of data and analytics in addressing significant healthcare challenges. Join healthcare professionals in Salt Lake City to collectively imagine possibilities, innovate solutions, and make a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape through shared expertise and experiences.

RAPS Global Regulatory Strategy Conference

  • When: March 5th-7th

  • Where: Linthicum Heights, MD

  • What: The RAPS Global Regulatory Strategy Conference, a part of the newly launched RAPS Conference Series, fosters collaborative learning and professional development by delving into key topics. Tailored for mid to senior-level regulatory affairs professionals, the conference equips attendees with practical tools, networking opportunities, and insights for enhancing global regulatory strategy, facilitating smoother market access for medical devices and pharmaceuticals, efficient product development, and competitive advantages.

HIMSS Global Health Conference

  • When: March 11th-15th

  • Where: Orlando, FL

  • What: Join over 33,000 industry professionals at one of the largest healthcare tech conferences globally. Experience live panels and keynotes on the hottest topics in healthcare and witness the latest advancements in MedTech. An event is described as a “dynamic tapestry of inspiration, innovation, and interaction.”

Health 2.0 Conference

  • When: March 18th-20th

  • Where: Los Angeles, CA

  • What: The Health 2.0 Conference, a renowned healthcare event, brings together distinguished experts across various specialties to envision a transformative future for healthcare. On its dynamic platform, the conference highlights the latest advancements in healthcare and wellness, fostering networking and idea exchange among forward-thinking individuals and companies. It’s a forum for healthcare professionals and business leaders aiming to drive change, enhance patient care, and revolutionize healthcare delivery worldwide.

AMGA Annual Conference

  • When: April 9th-12th

  • Where: Orlando, FL

  • What: AMGA’s 2024 Annual Conference is the primary platform for medical group and health system executives to share insights on their achievements and obstacles. Dedicated to fostering excellence in healthcare management and delivery, our upcoming event in Orlando guarantees enriching content, valuable networking, impactful keynote speeches, and collaborative peer-to-peer learning experiences.


  • When: April 16th-18th

  • Where: NYC

  • What: Combining industry innovation with expert-led conferences, it serves as the hub where the latest ideas are exchanged, cutting-edge technology is revealed, and the transformative journey from scientific discovery to commercialization unfolds. Whether you’re at the initial stages or further along in the pharmaceutical development lifecycle, INTERPHEX offers practical solutions to propel your business growth and enhance scalability.

Reuters Digital Health

  • When: May 14th-15th

  • Where: San Diego, CA

  • What: This digital healthcare-focused event hosts over 300 digital leaders, emphasizing idea sharing, collaboration, and networking to transform the industry. Attendees can expect education sessions and panels led by professionals at the forefront of the digital revolution, along with networking opportunities with industry solution providers and leading companies including Sanofi, GE, and Mayo Clinic.

Digital Health Envision Summit

  • When: May 14th-15th

  • Where: San Diego, CA

  • What: Experience the conference, where the forefront of healthcare unfolds! Unite with dealmakers, innovators, investors, and decision-makers in the Digital Health and Pharma & BioTech sector to delve into the transformative realm of digital health therapies and technologies. This summit serves as the premier platform for discovering novel products, unlocking business prospects, fostering collaboration, and sparking innovation within the industry.

The Healthcare Innovation Congress (thINc360)

  • When: May 29th-31th

  • Where: Washington, DC

  • What: thINc360 brings together leaders from across the healthcare spectrum to discuss improving access, delivery, and quality of healthcare. The event spans diverse topics, including health equity, cost efficiency, care delivery, post-pandemic leadership, and the future of care. It provides a comprehensive platform for gaining insights and networking with professionals in the field.

DHIS East Coast

  • When: June 5th-6th

  • Where: Boston, MA

  • What: Don’t miss the Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit (DHIS) in Boston, MA, where healthcare innovators and investors gather to explore topics like direct-to-consumer healthcare, underserved populations, regulatory changes, distributed vs. centralized care, women's health, IaaS, and IoT in healthcare. Engage in lively panels, interactive breakouts, and networking opportunities with industry leaders from various sectors, including investors, startups, tech companies, payers, providers, and veteran advisors. Be a part of this premier boutique digital health event that fuels healthcare innovation and join the tight-knit community shaping the future of healthcare.

American Diabetes Association’s 84th Scientific Sessions

  • When: June 21st-24th

  • Where: Orlando, FL

  • What: An annual conference serving as a platform for professionals in the field of diabetes to gather and exchange knowledge. The event will feature presentations, discussions, and exhibits focusing on the latest advancements in diabetes research, treatment, and care. Attendees include medical professionals, researchers, and diabetes technology companies worldwide.

Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum

  • When: Sept 24th-26th

  • Where: Nashville, TN

  • What: Explore groundbreaking technologies and data-driven solutions that shape the industry’s future. Gain valuable insights into the latest breakthroughs and best practices, discovering the forefront of innovation in the present landscape.

American Medical Device Summit

  • When: Sept 30th-Oct 1st

  • Where: Chicago, IL

  • What: Focused on the professional development of executives involved in the innovation, design, development, and regulatory aspects of medical devices. Attendees can hear first-hand case studies from Generis faculty and network with other industry leaders, including Abbot, BD, Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, and more.

Digital Health & AI Innovation Summit

  • When: Oct 8th-9th

  • Where: Boston, MA

  • What: Connect with influential speakers and experts in digital health & AI, gaining insights that contribute to the evolution of healthcare. Expand your network, explore new possibilities, and experience the impact of connecting with inspiring individuals. Stay abreast of industry trends, equipping yourself with knowledge and insights to propel your career forward.


  • When: Oct 20th-23th

  • Where: Las Vegas, NV

  • What: HLTH unites the entire healthcare ecosystem over four impactful days, inspiring, improving, enhancing, and elevating humanity. The event showcases an unprecedented number of 1:1 meetings, newly curated programming and networking sessions, exclusive company announcements, and an inclusive agenda featuring thought leaders from the complete spectrum of healthcare and wellness.


  • When: Oct 28th-30th

  • Where: NYC

  • What: BioFuture will host a diverse group of attendees, including executives from various health sectors such as biopharma, digital medicine, AI, machine learning, generics, big data, patient advocates, professional advisors, investors, payors, and thinkers. This event brings together individuals crucial to reshaping the future of healthcare.

Total Health

  • When: Nov (exact dates not yet available)

  • Where: Chicago, IL

  • What: Embrace a value-based care approach, expand your partner network, and integrate consumer-centric technologies now to shape the innovative and prosperous health system of tomorrow at Reuters Events: Total Health, where industry leaders share success stories and cutting-edge innovations.

AI in Healthcare & Pharma Summit

  • When: Nov 14th-15th

  • Where: Boston, MA

  • What: Explore the forefront of AI applications in healthcare and pharmaceuticals by discovering innovative use cases from industry leaders. Gain insights into how companies across various sectors leverage Generative AI, enhance medical imaging, prioritize ethical AI practices, and revolutionize personalized diagnostics to advance the field.

American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions

  • When: Nov 16th-18th

  • Where: Chicago, IL

  • What: A platform for the presentation and discussion of cutting-edge research, advancements in cardiovascular care, and emerging technologies. Attendees can expect a wide range of sessions covering topics such as clinical trials, prevention, diagnostics, and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, providing an opportunity to learn about the latest developments, exchange ideas, and network with experts and other MedTech companies in the cardiovascular field.

No matter which digital health event (or several of them) you choose to attend in 2024, it’s bound to be a memorable experience. We’ll be glad if our publication helps you to plan your calendar as best as possible!


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