Tina Tan - digital health interview

Tina Tan - Technologies that have changed digital health

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War has come to Ukraine on February 24th. Please don't call it a conflict or special operation or any other bullshit - it's a WAR, invasion, attempt to occupy an independent democratic country that has never participated in any military conflict for 30 years of existence. While we are fighting for our freedom and right to exist, we can't stop contributing to our beloved digital health community all around the world.

Prior to all the madness happening right now in Ukraine, I've managed to interview two great people, influencers and technology experts. The first interviewee was Tina Tan, the Executive Editor at FirstWord HealthTech who has been covering Medtech and digital health for almost 25 years.

Great conversation about the evolution of digital health, the impact of the pandemic, and what types of digital health technologies are attracting the most investment nowadays. Also, Tina has selected 5 technologies that have changed and will continue to change the industry. 


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Alex Koshykov (COO) with more than 10 years of experience in product and project management, passionate about startups and building an ecosystem for them to succeed.

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