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Top Digital Health Startups to Watch in 2023

Custom healthcare software development began to gain momentum during the pandemic season and will persist to enhance, and change the future of medicine.

According to the HIMSS report, around 80% of health systems intend to enrich their investment ranks in digital healthcare in the next five years. We specified and listed the most inventive healthcare businesses to watch in 2023.


DiamPark is a French startup, whose assignment is to create and deploy creative solutions based on the management and analysis of digital neuro markers typical to Parkinson’s disease. The company’s offer is double: a support and follow-up program for patients and a trustworthy digital evaluation tool for the evolution of the condition and the therapeutic influences of drugs in real life and R&D. In 2023, DiamPark is going to undertake several clinical trials, add a new neuro marker and apply for a reimbursement program from the French health authorities.

Lapsi Health

Established in 2021 by a group of digital health entrepreneurs, Lapsi Health is a medical technology startup, which aim is to transform the customary usage of auscultatory sounds (achieved from stethoscopes). It is producing technology for capturing such sounds as audio signals that can be studied with special tools to indicate details of a person’s health. These digital biomarkers can assist in the screening, analyzing, treating, and monitoring of patients with specific diseases. Among its goals for 2023, Lapsi Health is intending to establish its first gadget, gain FDA approval, and enter the US Market.


RxE2 is a digital health startup supplying a new community-based clinical trials vision powered by cutting-edge technology providing patient recruitment, dispensing, counseling, and operational services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The company uses technology and digital tools and puts them in the hands of community pharmacists — the most trusted medication experts. It comprehends that the human touchpoint will never be quit, and rather than fighting that, it fosters personal relationships of confidence. In 2023 RxE2 will be launching its “Diversity Now” plan and unraveling a lot of challenges concerning recruitment and clinical supplies.


Lindera was established in 2017 and is a deep tech company specializing in app-based 3D motion analysis. It’s now generating various AI solutions for the medical, care, and lifestyle sectors — permanently with the technological 3D core. The startup’s app LINDERA CARE measurably decreases fall risks as well as hospitality rates in nursing homes all over Germany. In the year 2023, the company will devote itself to becoming a DiPA. At the same time, Lindera is looking into the clinical field and doing a study on the use of AI mobility analysis for early diagnosis of neurological diseases with movement impacts.


Mediktor is an AI medical helper for triage and pre-diagnosis. Thanks to an optimally organized algorithm and sophisticated technology, it ushers patients straight to the proper care level, providing an integrated measurable practice to demand generation and long-term value. AI Mediktor's usefulness satisfies top health companies around the world, including hospital systems, telemedicine platforms, and insurance and pharmaceutical companies. This year Mediktor plans to consolidate LATAM and some countries in Europe as well as launch its professional solution in Hospital ERs.


Vytrac empowers individuals and providers to consider their duty and role in healthcare in a new manner due to technological innovation. Through the set of solutions, turning data into a story, people can go from an approach of “sick” care to one of “well” care. In 2023 VyTrac plans to develop and continue its strategic ambitions that focus on access to care and regional growth. The company is improving its measures on the platform’s use for traditional remote monitoring and as a hospital readmission program for health systems.


Naluri’s integrated digital care solution unites support for physical and mental health to manage multiple chronic health conditions among corporate employers and insurers in Southeast Asia. Through the company’s evidence-based behavioral science practices, it supports those looking to build continuing habits and cognitive strength. This paves the way for a lifestyle that helps today, tomorrow, and beyond. In 2023, Naluri will deepen its regional existence in Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore, while expanding into the Philippines, and providing its services to include public health service delivery for Governments.

Final Word

We wish the best of luck to all startup founders and thank them for moving the industry forward!

The desire to help people overwhelm life challenges and be healthy is a powerful motivator for beginning a healthcare business. Your idea is a superb start — we can just assist you in powering it. BeKey team is always open to conversations to save your idea with a tech-savvy approach.


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