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Top Seven Digital Health Startups to Watch in 2024

Hello, and welcome to our video on the Top Digital Health Startups to Watch in 2024. Today, we’ll introduce you to seven innovative companies revolutionizing healthcare with their groundbreaking products and services. Let’s explore each startup, examining their offerings, operations, and plans for the year ahead.


Vantiq is a dynamic low-code platform enabling the agile development of real-time, AI-driven applications. It simplifies complex event processing and stream analytics, empowering both developers and non-developers with its intuitive graphical interface. In healthcare, Vantiq’s technology, integrating various AI models, facilitates real-time insights and actions from data sourced from sensors, cameras, and wearable devices. For instance, it can rapidly respond to emergencies like cardiac arrests by analyzing sensor data and triggering necessary alarms or interventions. In 2024, Vantiq aims to enhance its focus on Generative AI applications in healthcare, leveraging real-time data for innovative solutions like synthetic medical images or personalized treatment plans, etc.


StuffThatWorks is a unique crowdsourcing and AI platform that builds a comprehensive, patient-centered real-world evidence base for chronic conditions. This innovative platform allows patients to join communities of those with similar conditions, share experiences, and receive personalized information. StuffThatWorks harnesses AI to structure and visualize patient data, generating evidence-based knowledge and recommendations.

The platform’s future goals include growing its community to four million patients, integrating EMR data, and forming strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical and philanthropic organizations. Expansion to additional conditions, regions, and languages, along with new functionalities are also part of its roadmap. StuffThatWorks is poised to become a global leader in real-world evidence for chronic conditions.


Theranica is a leading digital therapeutics company, focusing on neuromodulation devices for idiopathic pain disorders, with their flagship product, Nerivio, designed for migraine treatment. This wearable device, FDA-cleared and CE-marked, uses nerve stimulation to activate pain inhibition mechanisms in the brain. It’s controlled via a smartphone app, allowing users to manage their migraine treatment effectively. In the future, Theranica aims to broaden Nerivio's reach to different patient groups and regions and develop new products for various pain disorders.


DeHealth is an international brand with a significant presence in the UK, Ukraine, and research centers in Israel, the USA, and New Zealand. The company has developed the DeHealth App, an innovative AI and Blockchain-based web application for health data storage. This app enables users to securely store, manage, and monetize their medical data. DeHealth aims to revolutionize healthcare efficiency by creating a Web 3.0 platform for medical data, ensuring universal healthcare access. Users can collect their personal health history using AI, aiding physicians in making quicker and more accurate diagnoses and treatment adjustments.

Plans include developing and launching a mobile app, reaching one million users worldwide by 2024, and forming partnerships with healthcare providers, insurers, and employers. DeHealth aspires to lead in personalized and preventive health, offering an engaging platform to enhance users’ health and quality of life.


Datuum is an AI-driven tool specializing in automating healthcare data onboarding without coding. It streamlines the process of recognizing, normalizing, and mapping data from diverse sources to final destinations. Focusing on healthcare data, Datuum efficiently handles various formats, from legacy data to modern standards like HL7 and FHIR.

Datuum’s future plans include raising a Seed round, acquiring more customers, appearing on major marketplaces like Google Workspace and Azure, and showcasing at international conferences. The company is also developing a new system design for smoother interaction and releasing new features for enhanced customer utility. Datuum aims to be the premier solution for data onboarding, saving significant time and resources in data projects.


MedaSense offers an AI-powered pain monitoring system, combining a wearable device, a smartphone app, and a cloud platform. This system tracks physiological indicators related to pain, helping patients and healthcare providers optimize pain management. MedaSense is beneficial in various contexts, including post-operative pain, chronic pain, and acute pain scenarios. With FDA approval, MedaSense’s future plans include expanding into the US market and developing new products, aiming to be a global leader in pain monitoring and management.

Candid Health

Candid Health offers a revolutionary platform connecting patients with affordable and transparent healthcare providers and services. It empowers patients to search, compare, and book healthcare services, including doctors, dentists, labs, and surgeries, based on location, price, quality, or availability. Additionally, Candid Health facilitates online payments for healthcare services using various methods, including credit cards and HSAs and provides valuable information and education about healthcare options.

Future expansions for Candid Health include broadening its reach to more regions and integrating with other platforms. The addition of new features and functionalities is also part of their growth strategy.

In Conclusion

These are seven digital health startups that we think you should keep an eye on in 2024. They are using innovative technologies and solutions to improve the health and well-being of people around the world. We hope you enjoyed the video and learned something new. If you did, please subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos like this. See you next time!


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