Front-End Department

A completely operative website is a very complex setup and to run it through different layers of structural data and functionality is not an easy task. As the software development industry is progressing, there are numerous sophisticated technologies available in the market that can surely make things a lot easier. Developers have to learn a lot during the software development and creation of every code. Front-End work is meant to develop a user-facing functionality with a versatile approach.

Front-End development has a unique arrangement of markup languages and client-side scripts that help the developer at every single step. Not only this, it offers a peculiar multi-layer design and frameworks that no existing technology can compete. The Front-End developer creates the environment for everything that users see and touch: content, layout, and interaction.

With the regular invention of new technology ever increasing competition in the information and software development industry, we understand that it is a huge task for companies to deliver flawless performance. In almost every corner of the world, the system developers are usually subdivided into two categories and we excel at both ends. BeKey is one of the leading companies in this field and has Front-End developers and designers that are experienced and assigned with a task to improve the layout and aesthetics of the system.

If you are looking for a Front-End developer, BeKey is the right platform for you as we encourage our clients to expand their criteria and consider numerous factors before finalizing anything. It’s more appropriate to have a comprehensive opinion of how the Front-End of a site operates. There are numerous questions that you should think of before landing on a Front-End developer.

BeKey offers versatile services as our developers can contribute their unique skills sets to your project. Most of the consumers search for experienced and proficient developers that have critical logic and reasoning approach. If you are looking for such developers that can deliver designs and framework, BeKey has the right Front-End developer for you to work on your projects.

The most common Front-End technologies that control the software development market are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. JavaScript web frameworks serve as the foundation stone for developing functional applications. These frameworks are also compatible with HTML and thus provide a better mechanism for developing a functional front side of each product.

  • Vue.js


    Vue 2.0 was presented in 2016 and it includes all the best qualities of Ember, React and Angular. Putting together the qualities of over three different languages, the resulting Vue.js became one of the mainstream programming languages. Going further, Vue.js supports two-way data binding (same as in AngularJS). It also supports server-side rendering (same as in Angular2 and ReactJS), and Vue-cli. It also provides an optional JSX support. Vue-cli is a scaffolding tool for a quick start.

    Vue gives a simple and quick fix for applications, UI, and an intelligent web interface development. It can control propelled single page web applications. The most noteworthy preferred standpoint of picking Vue over React is that in Vue, the segment's conditions are followed naturally between the renderings of code. In this way, the framework knows which part should be re-rendered when the session changes.

    Why to Use Vue.js?

    • Vue.js is small in size
    • Easy to comprehend and create
    • Simple mix
    • Comprehensive documentation
    • Known for its adaptability
    • Facilitates the two-way correspondence

    Technologies and Tools we use:

    • JavaScript, VueJS
    • Vuex, Nuxt,js, Karma-Mocha, Vue-blu
  • React.js


    React.JS remains behind the UIs of Facebook and Instagram, demonstrating its productivity inside unique high-activity applications. It is the most advanced and quickest JS language. Currently, there are more than 1,000 supporters of React.JS on Github. In MVC (Model-View-Controller) design React.js goes about as "V" and can be easily coordinated with any engineering. Because of the use of virtual DOM, it gives an awesome execution help, contrasting with Angular 1.x. React code can be reutilized hence making it one of the most usable JS code. Notwithstanding the way that React has a higher expectation to learn and adapt, it makes application development clear and straightforward. Moreover, it very well may be an ideal fit for complex, high-stack and marvelous projects.

    For applications that have multiple views and different user screens, React.JS is the best approach. As various widgets are needed to code for multiple views, each widget can be dumped into the view.

    Why choose React.js?

    • It provides an easy expectation to absorb information
    • Virtual DOM offers better UX and enhances execution
    • Code can be reused
    • Stable code because of the one-heading stream of information
    • Open-source library energizes commitments
    • Render React on the server side
    • React fits well with some other structures as it is just a view layer

    Our company has a vast experience in writing fully custom codes in React.JS. BeKey is a development company that provides dedicated React.js developers with complete support.

    Technologies and Tools we use:

    • JavaScript, ReactJS
    • Redux, ReactCSS, React Starter Kit, Ava, Enzyme
  • JS ES5/ES6


    With its built-in libraries and functions, JS is the core of the Front-End development. It was the principal customer side coding language and is yet the most omnipresent Front-End programming language on the web. JavaScript (otherwise called JS) is one of the center columns in creating for the cutting edge web applications.

    JavaScript is one of the real parts of building web applications. JS allows the user to interact with the application. Most of the forms, input boxes and text fields are based on JS code. HTML and CSS are used for designing a function; JS, on the other hand, is used for implementing the function.

    Implementation of JavaScript business solutions includes tailored prototyping, e-commerce and CMS plugins, customizable user forms, and real-time business analysis. At BeKey, we have a firm setup of Front-End development based on JS. With years of experience, our development team is highly skilled and capable of writing the most advanced codes.

    Technologies and Tools we use:

    • Javascript, HTML5, CSS3
    • Webpack, Babel, jQuery, Gulp, React, Angular, ES5/6
  • Angular


    Angular is amongst the most standout and utilized JavaScript structures for building web applications and SPAs (single page applications). The first version of Angular was called AngularJS and was created and discharged by Google in the year 2009. From that point forward it has made considerable progress and is accessible as a MIT authorized open source code enabling numerous web applications.

    Angular is regularly alluded to as a MVW (Model-View-Whatever) structure and its invention, the language has progressed a lot and is now one of the most commonly used mobile and web application development languages. Currently, it is called the most utilized JS structure for SPAs advancement and it flaunts the biggest network of engineers.

    Angular is a better choice of coding for big business based applications or for strict programming situations with elevated requirements.

    Why choose AngularJS?

    • The Two-Way Data Binding
    • DOM Manipulation
    • A comprehensive structure with best-tested defaults
    • A solid support from Google
    • Support of the huge network base

    If you need Angular services for your web app, try our innovative development procedure to ensure maximum performance of your systems.

    Technologies and Tools we use:

    • JavaScript, Angular
    • Webstorm, Aptana, Karma, MochaJs, Jasmine