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From more efficient patient treatment to clinical management, we are a healthcare software applications development company that uses technology-powered solutions to uplift every single element of healthcare. We have worked on projects that solve various challenges and boost healthcare digitization. We are ready to make your world-class application that can become an important part of the healthcare revolution.

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Digitalize with Qualified Healthcare App Development Services

In recent decades, the healthcare industry has managed to move away from the standard idea of ​​waiting in the corridor for a doctor’s appointment. We are all witnessing the rapid development of innovation, and you will probably not find an industry in which it has such a profound positive impact on all of humanity as in the field of healthcare.

Health is the most important human asset, and our well-being is the key to other achievements. Therefore, more and more resources are directed to making our lives not only longer, but also better. This is where app development for healthcare

helps move away from the traditional doctor-patient relationship. The symbiosis of technology and healthcare gives us a great chance to take the industry to the next level and achieve the goals of longevity and good physical and mental health.

Healthcare applications save patients’ and doctors’ time and improve the quality of care by simplifying the scheduling of patient visits, examinations, and treatments. BeKey is an IT company offering bespoke healthcare software app development services since 2016.

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Healthcare Apps We Develop

Healthcare Apps We Develop

Telehealth Apps

Telemedicine or telehealth is a medical platform that uses technologies to provide long-distance patient support. It was first implemented in the US to reach patients over a long distance and is now becoming a common practice because of convenience. Telehealth app development is mainly used for doctors’ support in non-emergency cases when prolonged inpatient treatment is unnecessary.

To understand how telehealth software works, you can always check our success story of Doctors4UA customer service application. It’s a basic multi-purpose healthcare service that provides medical and mental health support. After the sign-up, a patient interacts with a user-friendly interface and a doctor database to select a specialist and start or schedule an online appointment. Before the first video or audio visit, a patient should fill in a questionnaire on their current condition to help a doctor make a provisional diagnosis and come prepared. When the visit ends, a patient gets necessary prescriptions or guidelines from a physician.

Telehealth is brilliantly embellished by IoT-based smart wearables that monitor and collect patient vitals throughout the day.

Healthcare Apps We Develop

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Apps

Remote patient monitoring devices have greatly changed the face of healthcare, allowing doctors to constantly monitor the well-being of patients. And all this without planning check-ups or visits to the hospital. You can also monitor your health on your own, which will make it easier for you to receive professional help in a timely manner.

RPM apps can be used to monitor oxygen, blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, sleep and alert you before potential heart attacks, asthma attacks, etc. Such pre-emptive analysis often highlights early signs of impending disease, allowing doctors to take a proactive approach to care.

The future of healthcare seems to be on the edge of digital, patient-centric, and day-and-night service. Such an approach will empower patients to apply for necessary healthcare services at any time and from any location they need. Achieving this requires improved patient monitoring, disease detection, and healthcare management at scale.

Experts believe that the interest in remote patient monitoring apps won’t stop in the nearest future: people become more aware of their health than previously. This gives developers a chance to make successful apps for remote patient monitoring.

Please contact us if you want to build an efficient, reliable, and scalable solution for remote patient monitoring. Our experienced team will develop a remote patient monitoring application and we’ll implement the integration with the medical device you’d like to use.

Healthcare Apps We Develop

Healthcare Apps + IoT

IoT is transforming the healthcare industry, redefining the space where devices and people interact in delivering healthcare solutions. Below are some of its uses in healthcare:

  • for patients — wearable devices like fitness bands and other wireless devices: blood pressure and heart rate cuffs, blood glucose meters, etc. These devices can remind you to count calories, blood pressure, etc. The notification mechanism sends signals to family members and medical professionals about any violations or changes in a person’s well-being;
  • for doctors — using IoT-embedded wearables and other home monitoring devices, doctors can monitor patients’ health more effectively. Data collected from IoT devices can help doctors determine the best treatment process for patients and achieve the expected results; other devices used to proceed with home observations — digital otoscope or digital statoscope that help doctors to check health at the patient's home and set accurate diagnostics without physical contact;
  • for hospitals — sensor-tagged IoT devices are used to track the real-time location of medical equipment such as wheelchairs, defibrillators, nebulizers, oxygen pumps, and other monitoring equipment. The site of medical personnel can also be observed in real-time. IoT devices also help manage hospital assets like pharmacy stock control, refrigerator temperature check, humidity control, etc.
  • for health insurance companies — they can use data obtained from health monitoring devices for their underwriting and claims operations. IoT devices also provide transparency between insurers and customers in pricing, claims processing, and risk assessment processes.

Have a great idea for digital health app development with IoT? Let’s bring it to life together.

Healthcare Apps We Develop

Chronic Disease Management Apps

Chronic diseases are ailments lasting long and requiring continuous medical supervision. Considering that 40% of American adults have them, chronic disease management (CDM) is one way for patients to stay in touch with their bodies and lead healthy lifestyles. If something can’t be cured, it needs to be managed.

Such applications help patients manage their conditions, get reminders of appointments and medication, etc. Moreover, such apps also offer expert advice on diet, healthy lifestyle, and exercise. Here’s what disease management apps can do for patients:

  • take action — overweight patients can track calories burned and consumed, people with heart disease can track heart rate, pulse, and blood pressure, and patients at risk of diabetes can track sugar intake;
  • provide reports — you can receive notifications in the form of a diagram or graph, quickly assess the patient’s health and make decisions about the need to change the course of treatment;
  • suggest necessary actions — the application can either work according to a pre-programmed algorithm (for example, it can be programmed to remind the patient to take pills three times a day), or it can be connected to a portable device and monitor vital signs 24/7. Thanks to artificial intelligence, this application can suggest what to do in the event of alarming symptoms. The most innovative applications can detect a possible deterioration of health (for example, an impending heart attack) by analyzing subtle signals.

Our experts with a proven track record in healthcare will conceptualize your CDM solution and verify that it will look, feel and work as envisioned.

Healthcare Apps We Develop

Digital Therapeutics

Helping patients adhere to their treatment regimens is one of the best ways to improve quality and outcomes while reducing overall health care costs. When patients miss medications, they (meds) don’t work as well as they should, and mortality and morbidity increase. Among patients, forgetfulness is the most common cause of non-adherence to treatment advice.

Today, strategies to improve medication adherence include gamification and setting reminders or automatic notifications, such as on a smartphone or healthcare app. A study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research found that special reminder mobile apps help improve treatment adherence even for older adults who lack experience with smartphones, computers, or the Internet.

BeKey can provide healthcare mobile app development services for digital therapeutics. The software enables health data analysis, alerting, and processing of information. Such customized software helps to improve the communication between doctors and patients, who are experiencing the process of therapy or rehab.

Healthcare Apps We Develop

Mental Health Apps

Mental health has been in the public spotlight recently, and the pandemic only increased an already high level of anxiety. According to a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, the number of adults in the United States who suffer from anxiety and/or symptoms of depression has doubled during the pandemic.

Although the importance of mental health is becoming more widely recognized, many people still do not dare to seek help from a psychotherapist. There are many reasons for this: inability to afford long-term treatment or regular visits to the doctor due to lack of time; the opinion that counseling is intended only for “unnormal” people; the discomfort of discussing deeply personal problems with a stranger, etc.

Most of the problems listed above are solved, at least partially, by mobile applications. Mental health programs provide more flexibility and reduce the need for trips to the therapist's office. Not all mental health programs are the same. There are many different types of mental health programs that offer various services:

  • general mental health apps — these apps help users maintain good habits and break bad ones. These apps can perform functions such as mood tracking, provide positive quotes, and perform relaxation exercises such as guided meditation;
  • evaluation apps — such apps help their users get information about mental health disorders. These programs share materials that psychiatrists use to identify them;
  • mental disorders apps — current psychiatric treatment programs deal with problems such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and schizophrenia. They use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mood monitoring, cognitive training, and rational emotive behavioral therapy. There is still room in the mental health app market for PTSD, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and OCD apps in the mental health app market.
  • online therapy apps — they connect you with licensed mental health professionals near you. There are several ways to meet with your therapists, depending on your preferences and program capabilities. Ideally, you can connect to an online call, video call, or online chat. Some programs offer group therapy sessions where several patients join a conference call and have a group therapy session.

If you’re looking for a reliable tech partner for your mental health project, our company can help you to implement it in the best way. We can provide solutions in mental health app development and other similar projects.

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Is Your Application HIPAA Compliant?

To protect user privacy, different countries have enacted essentially identical standards and regulations:

  • USA — Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA;
  • European Union — General Data Protection Rules or GDPR;
  • United Kingdom — Data Protection Act.

To comply with all the regulations, mobile health app development workflows must stick to privacy and security rules. As per the privacy rule, the law requires sufficient safety measures to ensure people’s health data privacy and

limits the use and disclosures of such information without prior authorization from the patients. Moreover, the privacy rule also gives patients the right to their health information and the right to obtain a copy of the records and even have corrections made where suitable. The standards involve multiple digital, administrative, and policy-based safeguards for sensitive health data.

BeKey ensures that our solutions comply with the regulations in light of the security and privacy rules. We guarantee that all our digital safeguards are in place.

Your Benefits with BeKey


We start with a detailed requirements analysis to reduce the risk of rework in the future. Then, we work according to an iterative approach, so we can deliver the MVP of your healthcare app for consumers and tune it based on the feedback.


Relying on our experience in the healthcare domain, our healthcare development team plans and implements software focusing on the customer’s strategic goals.


Our specialists regularly complete new courses, training, and conduct market research to develop the relevant solution.


Following regulations requirements, we ensure data security, reliable encryption methods, security practices documentation, and emergency protocols

What our clients say

Yoav Grinstein

Yoav Grinstein

Chief Product Officer & Strategy at RxE2, Israel

Our company has been working with BeKey from almost the very beginning of the company. The best description of our cooperation over the past years is that I didn't have a single thought of changing our software development vendor. They are just great in pretty much everything related to healthcare app development: hiring great talent, planning resources, implementing all our ideas and by the end of the day, the software is working properly and has no bugs. I also love that BeKey team is super agile. They understand that we are a startup and we are moving fast. And by that, I mean changing the roadmap often or updating requirements. Can't wait to build more great features together with BeKey and help with the digital transformation of decentralized clinical trials.

Roman Karasik

Roman Karasik

Co-founder, and CEO at Yalmo, Israel

I was looking for a software development company that can help build the MVP version for my startup and when I found BeKey, I had zero doubts that's the company I need. They have just huge experience in healthcare app development, they understand exactly how to interact with users, how to build an easy-scalable application, and how to make it secure which is super important.
I'm happy with the product I got and the best part is that BeKey met all the deadlines which, frankly speaking, I didn't expect happening:)
I'm definitely coming back here to develop the current version into a product.

Adir Kan

Adir Kan

COO at Kaizen Bio-tech Ltd, Israel

We are just at the beginning of our journey with this new product we are building. And since we are a Medtech company we needed someone who will take care of the software part.
BeKey team exactly understood our needs and provided detailed specifications and great UX suggestions for our healthcare application. Can't wait to get feedback from our users but we are sure, it's gonna be great.

Types of Healthcare Apps

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App for Patients

Patients can get online consultations with an enhanced experience. Remote medical data monitoring, appointment management, and complete access to their health records can be available in one app. Our company provides medical software development services in this direction, including such features, which can be expanded according to your request:

  • appointment scheduling — allows patients to check the doctor’s availability and book a consultation accordingly;
  • in-app chat — provides a secure messaging platform for patients to chat with their doctors in real-time or to live statuses about their health;
  • online consultation — realizes video or voice consultation to receive better treatment and care;
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App for Providers

Conducting online consultations is not the only essential feature of such apps. Access to all necessary data, personalized schedules, and patient monitoring dramatically boost physicians’ productivity. Here are some examples of solutions for such type of app we can provide:

  • profile support — healthcare experts can add and manage their experience, qualifications, contact details, availability, etc.;
  • management of patients and appointments — specialists can manage their work considering its timetable;
  • digital prescription — doctors can create prescriptions and share them with the patients online;
  • integrated billing — allow medicians to charge and collect payment from patients for their remote visit. It can be developed subscription-based.
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App for Medical Administration Staff

Managing huge hospitals or medical branches requires quick access to their monitoring. Be in touch with physicians and clients or manage shifts easily online with the following features:

  • management dashboard — keeps track and manages online healthcare business with a bird’s eye view from a single panel;
  • doctor / patient management — helps to manage registered healthcare providers and patients providing them with needed technical support;
  • reporting and analytics — track all daily transactions and analyze the effectiveness of each department;
  • message broadcasting — sends push notifications to patients and doctors related to their appointments, care plan reviews, updates, etc.

Hire Healthcare App Developers

The market for health system app development will only grow as more and more people embrace smartphones, as well as more and more medical IoT devices being created. With every industry that grows and evolves, this one is also bound to face a set of challenges unique to it.

But whatever challenges it faces, the regular stream of investment drives innovation and attracts the best and

brightest talents. As the industry moves forwards at lightning-fast speed, we might see a future where everyone will choose custom health app development.

If you want a company to build a healthcare application tailored directly to your needs, it is crucial to know how to choose the right one. BeKey can propose a wide range of technology solutions for the healthcare industry.

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