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Leveraging 10 years of experience in building digital products in healthcare, we improve doctor-patient interaction and increase the quality and value of healthcare services. Our software development services help healthcare providers, tech companies, and startups to unlock the powers of digital transformation through industry and user research and best engineering practices.

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Digital Healthcare Innovations

Nowadays, there is no single industry left untouched by the digital disruption. Businesses' success is determined by how well they adopt digital technologies and how productively they utilize them, satisfying consumer demand. Healthcare needs to be changed, too, and we’re here to provide it with strategic and engineering solutions to become a service industry.

It’s easy to distinguish between good and not-so-good custom healthcare software development services when speaking about healthcare because it affects patients' health enormously, and there are a lot of ways to improve the way it works.

At every point of interaction between healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical companies, insurers, and tech startups who’ve decided to enter the industry, there is a place for innovations, data analytics, patient-centric care, and personalization.

In BeKey, we’re operating across these channels, connecting them, making relevant, value-based applications, and proposing custom healthcare software development to deliver better, more precise services to patients. Once implemented, these solutions help clinicians feel purposeful and happier with their jobs, and improve patient outcomes.

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What we build as a healthcare software development company

Digital Healthcare Management Process Automation

Healthcare process management solutions automate repetitive tasks, prioritize routing operations, automate invoicing and make claim management more safe and understandable both for clinicians and patients. Automation is one of the first steps toward value-based care.

Healthcare Big Data Analytics Solutions

Big Data analytics allows doctors to predict and prevent patient outcomes, offers in-depth insight into patient health through trends comparison and health forecasting, and helps clinicians make more accurate decisions through machine learning algorithms support.

Healthcare Mobile Application Development

Mobile Health, with its constant connectivity and portability, is one of the first digital priorities for patients. Online scheduling and appointments, telemedicine, and symptom checkers save time and costs for healthcare services. Clinicians, on the other hand, can use mobile apps to collect real-time data that will help to track and prevent dangerous conditions and develop personalized treatment plans. Engineer custom telehealth solutions with telemedicine software development services by BeKey.

Wearable Monitoring Products

It’s predicted by CCS Insight that the number of wearables will continue to grow over the next few years, and shipments will reach almost 380 million devices in 2025. They are becoming more and more popular among healthcare end customers. What’s important in wearables is good sensors and understandable visualization of dataflows, which will help patients better understand what’s going on with them, and doctors — manage conditions proactively rather than reactively.

EHR (Electronic Health Records) Development & Optimization

Research of the National Physician Poll showed that, while most physicians are being somewhat satisfied with their EHRs, these systems still can’t be used for clinical purposes. They also divide physicians’ focus and cut doctor-patient interaction time. Per request, we can optimize and re-design existing EHRs accordingly to physicians’ workflow, and securely connect EHRs to other mHealth apps and services.

Healthcare Ecosystem Сompliant Engineering Solutions

There are a lot of ways tech can enhance and empower healthcare. We guarantee a qualified enterprise healthcare software development for organizations in the industry with regulations-compliant (HIPAA, GDPR, etc), and user-centric products, that make healthcare better. That includes solutions for the pharma supply chain, claim management, life sciences projects, and so on. Also, being aware of healthcare systems’ data leak issues, we engineer solutions to defend these systems from fraud, hacks, and human error.

Why choose BeKey in digital healthcare software development?


10 years of expertise in software development for healthcare organizations, startups, and industry end consumers. (Particularly, we know all about difficulties with regulatory compliance and how to fit software into them.)

In-depth research &
excellent engineering

We love tech and we love research. Combined and empowered with your clinical expertise, scientific experience, or a will to make the world a better place, we’ll build great products together.

Cost and time

A remote workforce is a way both to effectively fight talent recession and to save resources that are usually spent on recruiting, onboarding, and training. We provide this option for you.

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What our clients say

Iddo Gill

Iddo Gill

Founder and CEO at BLine Analytics

Tel Aviv Area, Israel

I am very happy with BeKey, they are a well-managed team with access to talented professionals at a cost-effective model. They are hands-on with the team, attentive to client needs with the mutual goal of delivering quality software on time and cost- effectively. BeKey are reliable part of our development team with broad technical expertise.

Yoav Bachrach

Yoav Bachrach

CTO & Co-Founder at VideoTherapy.co

Or Yehuda, Israel

BeKey is truly a model company to work with. As many other startups, we also needed to deliver our product ASAP. We succeeded to do that with the help of the right developers and other professional guys provided by BeKey.

Tal Or

Tal Or

Co-Founder at ATLASense Biomed Ltd

Tel Aviv, Israel

Although we have a short time experience with BeKey, we have seen their great determination, personal and professional attitude which I believe will lead to a successful long-term business partnership.

Yoav Grinstein

Yoav Grinstein

COO & Founder at Our Clinical Trial

Tel Aviv, Israel

We needed a partner who knows healthcare and healthcare regulations to develop a web and mobile app to allow patients access to their trial team and the ecosystem in a single place. As an early startup, we worked with BeKey as a one-stop agency on all solution elements from architecture to technology selection to implementation of the MVP and beyond. It’s a fast-paced company with a high level of flexibility and ability to evolve, which was very beneficial for us.

Software Security Audit

Our company has an additional service - security audit: we check the software we build all the time, but also we can audit someone’s work as well. The very idea of a security audit is to check aspects of systems: not only the software itself but also the network implementation, and how it is protected from external threats because different framework components have their own vulnerabilities. We can highlight the main parts of the tests:

Webserver security
webserver security
Web software security
web software security
HTTP protocol security
HTTP protocol security
Content security
content security

We work with two types of security audits:
Black Box — we have no idea about what we check, no insights, no access, only the public stuff.
Grey Box — we have logins and can access the “after login” parts of the system.

Our delivery is a report that contains:

  • general information;
  • threat scoring description (we use CVSS 3.0);
  • summary results;
  • list of vulnerabilities;
  • suggested solutions.

Why security audit of your software is so important and when is a good time to do it? Well, the short answer is “always”. If you want to feel safe about your software all the time, you need to make an audit of your software a usual routine, ideally once in 6 or 12 months. But when is it really important to audit?

when you are done with your MVP version and you want to go live and invite real users. Before you do that, you’d rather make sure the data of your users won’t leak;

when you haven’t upgraded the versions of your technological stack for a long time. That means your software might become more and more vulnerable;

when you start thinking about getting some certifications such as HIPAA Compliance or ISO certificate;

if you’ve decided to switch to a different development team. Make sure no back doors left just in case. 🙂

It is important to understand that a security audit essentially checks the situation at the time of its execution, but this situation can change very quickly after updates, plugin changes, content additions, etc. To ensure high-quality security, an established workflow is needed, including DAST (dynamic system analysis) and SAST (static code analysis). And we recommend doing this all the time as part of the development and deployment processes.

What could be more important than a feeling of safety regarding your software and your users? Contact our specialists and discuss a software security audit for your business. Send an email to contactus@bekey.io or fill out the form on our website.

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Why agile is important in healthcare software development?

Since agile is a project management philosophy, agile principles can be adopted by healthcare professionals in a variety of settings. The agile approach to project management provides guiding principles that help teams communicate, decide how to prioritize tasks, and adapt to challenges they encounter along the way. Specifically, agile healthcare teams prioritize the following values:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes;
  • Collaboration over contracts and formal negotiations;
  • Responsiveness over rigid planning.

With this approach, agile empowers to customize planning processes to meet specific patient needs, leading to greater potential for innovation in the modern healthcare industry.

Why healthcare software development is unique?

Well-designed bespoke healthcare software can fully automate your internal operations. This includes transactions, data entry and storage, and communication. There has been an increase in the implementation of customized healthcare software in the medical sector. This ensures compliance with the regulatory authority.
The primary purpose of software development in this industry is to create an automated solution. Your approach becomes consumer-centric. A customized solution can ease various aspects. This may include security, billing, transaction resolution, dispatch, etc.

What is the primary advantage of custom development of software?

  • Expertship. Investing in software development companies is smarter than developing software yourself. Typically, outstaffing development teams have more development experience in a narrow sphere, such as healthcare. With proper planning, you can achieve the same goal with a smarter budget.
  • Smart time-to-market. Benefits of outstaffing include avoiding all significant hiring issues, which usually occur if you practice in-house development. You can add features that matter to your customers at any time, no matter what skills they require. This shortens the timing of the product launch.
  • Streamlined processes. Upon turning to a specialized development agency, you can count on well-established development processes and application development experience.