Digital Health Ecosystem Development for Breastfeeding


Kaizen Biotech, a forward-thinking company, is on a mission to empower mothers in their breastfeeding journey. Recognizing that breastfeeding is a complex and critical process, they aim to provide mothers with the tools and knowledge needed to ensure successful and nurturing feeding experiences for their infants.

Target Customers

Our target customers are mothers worldwide who seek reliable guidance and support during their breastfeeding journey. Whether they are first-time mothers or experienced parents, our solution caters to their unique needs.



Breastfeeding is a beautiful yet challenging endeavor. Mothers often grapple with a lot of questions and uncertainties that can lead to stress and anxiety, affecting both the mother and the child. Kaizen Biotech recognized the need for a comprehensive solution that would address these concerns and enhance the breastfeeding experience.


Accurate Milk Measurement

Accurate Milk Measurement

Measuring the exact amount of milk an infant consumes is no simple task. Its density varies significantly, even within the same mother, based on factors like the child’s age and the thickness of the milk.

Complex Materials

Complex Materials

Designing a device that could handle the intricacies of milk measurement required a careful selection of materials. We needed a solution that was safe, durable, and easy to clean.

User-Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Interface

Creating an intuitive interface for mothers was crucial. We wanted to provide real-time feedback without overwhelming them with technical details.

Scientific Validity

Scientific Validity

We needed to validate our approach and align it with scientific standards to gain the trust of both mothers and healthcare professionals.

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  • Integrated Breastfeeding Support Solution
  • Advanced Monitoring Devices
  • The Sensiu App: A Digital Cornerstone for Parents
  • Data-Driven Personalized Recommendations
  • Innovative Hardware Development
  • Ergonomic Wearables with Advanced Sensors
  • Harmonious Hardware-Software Interaction
  • Empathetic and Precision-Engineered Devices
  • Commitment to Innovation and Community Feedback

Integrated Breastfeeding Support Solution

The comprehensive solution is a harmonious blend of proprietary hardware, an intuitive application, and HIPAA-compliant digital health services, all converging to provide unparalleled support in breastfeeding.

Advanced Monitoring Devices

Our ecosystem’s foundation is built upon advanced devices that meticulously monitor and measure milk intake, ensuring accuracy and safety. These devices are the culmination of extensive research and development, seamlessly integrating with our app to furnish mothers with real-time insights into feeding patterns, frequency, and duration.

The Sensiu App: A Digital Cornerstone for Parents

The Sensiu app stands as the digital cornerstone for contemporary parents, offering customized information that caters to each infant’s needs, from feeding schedules to nutritional advice and developmental milestones. It enables remote monitoring, allowing parents to remain connected to their baby’s feeding habits through timely updates. Moreover, the app bridges the gap between parents and a network of lactation experts and pediatricians, providing a direct line to support any breastfeeding challenges that arise.

Data-Driven Personalized Recommendations

In the background, our algorithms diligently analyze data to deliver personalized recommendations that help optimize breastfeeding, ensuring infants receive the best possible nutrition. The app’s intuitive design facilitates easy tracking of progress and feeding patterns, along with timely parenting tips, akin to a virtual parenting assistant.

Innovative Hardware Development

Our innovation extends into the realm of hardware development, where we’ve engineered cutting-edge devices that enhance our digital solutions. These devices represent the zenith of thoughtful design and rigorous engineering, offering a seamless experience for mothers. Through custom software development for startups, we ensure our wearables and app work harmoniously together, providing a cohesive and efficient user experience.

Ergonomic Wearables with Advanced Sensors

Embedded within our ergonomic wearables, advanced sensors capture precise milk measurements, respecting the intimate bond of breastfeeding by minimizing intrusion.

Harmonious Hardware-Software Interaction

The harmony between our hardware and software ensures secure data transmission to the app for processing and presentation, giving mothers a holistic view of their breastfeeding journey.

Empathetic and Precision-Engineered Devices

Constructed with medical-grade materials, our devices are not just smart; they’re designed with empathy and precision. They prioritize safety and comfort, accommodating various body shapes and sizes, and allowing for comfortable wear over extended periods. The wearables are discreet and gentle, ensuring that the sacred act of nurturing remains undisturbed.

Commitment to Innovation and Community Feedback

Our commitment to innovation is ongoing, as we actively seek feedback from our community to refine our hardware, ensuring it meets the evolving needs of families and stays ahead in the field of infant nutrition. With Sensiu, we’re not just providing a product; we’re offering a companion that grows with you and your baby, supporting every step of the breastfeeding journey with knowledge and care.

Technical Implementation

Altium Designer


The project has connected with key players in the artificial nutrition and pharmaceutical industries, creating valuable partnerships.

The original device is being updated from mostly mechanical to a mix of mechanical and electronic components. This not only improves the hardware design but also helps us collect data more efficiently.

The focus on data analysis and predictive models has sparked interest from potential partners. The project is continually growing its business network and evolving with the latest technology trends.

Oded Hadomi
Oded Hadomi CEO at Kaizen Biotech

BeKey has truly excelled not only with the Sensiu device but also with the software they developed to accompany it. The convenience of having a single provider for both positions has simplified our logistics a lot! It’s exactly what we envisioned to support breastfeeding mothers, offering precision and ease of use that stand out in the market. A heartfelt thank you to the BeKey team for bringing our complete concept to life!

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