Telehealth Platform Development for Autism Care


Yalmo’s founder Roman Karasik, a devoted father, recognized the gaps in existing support systems for autistic children. His unwavering commitment led to the birth of Yalmo — a platform that transcends boundaries and transforms lives.

Target Customers

Our audience includes parents, caregivers, therapists, and medical professionals who share our vision of enhancing the lives of autistic children. Yalmo aims to empower them with actionable insights and personalized solutions.



Autistic children face multifaceted challenges, often stemming from environmental, behavioral, and medical factors. Existing approaches fail to provide a holistic view, leaving caregivers guessing and children underserved.


Available Interfaces

Available Interfaces

Initially, Yalmo’s interfaces were tailored for adult caregivers, not anticipating the direct engagement of children with ASD. However, pilot programs revealed the necessity for an interface that could cater to the young users’ needs. This pivot demanded the creation of an intuitive and straightforward UX to captivate and maintain the children’s interest.

Security Challenge

Security Challenge

Ensuring the security of sensitive data within Yalmo was paramount, given the involvement of both children and adults. The challenge lay in implementing robust security measures that protected user information without compromising the ease of access for authorized users, a delicate balance that was crucial for maintaining trust and functionality.

Gamification for Children

Gamification for Children

The concept of gamification was integral to Yalmo, designed to engage children with ASD effectively. The challenge was to design interactive and rewarding elements that would resonate with children, encouraging consistent use and providing a seamless blend of education and entertainment.

Interaction with Sensors

Interaction with Sensors

To minimize manual data entry and enhance the accuracy of information, Yalmo faced the challenge of integrating a network of sensors. These sensors needed to be discreetly placed in the children’s environment, such as under beds or on the body, to gather valuable data without intruding on the child’s daily routine.

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  • Comprehensive Data Collection
  • Actionable Insights and Personalized Care
  • AI-Powered Pattern Detection
  • Secure Centralized Cloud Storage
  • Community Support and Resource Sharing
  • Innovation and Technological Advancements
  • Future-Proofing with Wearable Sensors

Comprehensive Data Collection

Yalmo’s innovative platform confronts the multifaceted challenges faced by autistic children with a suite of holistic solutions. At the heart of our approach is comprehensive data collection, where our intuitive app serves as a lifeline for parents and caregivers. It enables the meticulous tracking of a child’s condition, capturing every nuance of their daily activities, behaviors, sleep patterns, eating habits, and medication schedules. This data coalesces into a personalized profile, offering a window into the child’s world.

Actionable Insights and Personalized Care

Our platform’s prowess lies in its ability to provide actionable insights. The data, rich with detail, is analyzed to furnish therapists and doctors with a clear understanding of each child’s unique needs. This empowers professionals to craft bespoke treatments that resonate with the individuality of each child, ensuring that no two care plans are alike.

AI-Powered Pattern Detection

The detection of abnormal patterns is another cornerstone of Yalmo’s capabilities. Our AI-powered algorithms act as vigilant sentinels, identifying unusual behaviors and suggesting strategies to create a tranquil environment that minimizes stress for the child.

Secure Centralized Cloud Storage

Centralized cloud storage is the bedrock upon which our data strategy is built. It ensures that all information, whether collected during the day or night, is securely stored and readily accessible. This centralization is pivotal in recognizing patterns that could lead to challenging behaviors or sleep disturbances.

Community Support and Resource Sharing

Yalmo is also dedicated to advancing community support by establishing a network of users who can share experiences and strategies. This collaborative environment will not only provide emotional support but also practical advice that can be incorporated into daily care routines. Additionally, we are developing a resource library within the app, which will include educational materials and best practices, further empowering caregivers with knowledge.

Innovation and Technological Advancements

Yalmo’s commitment to innovation extends to regular updates and feature enhancements, ensuring that our platform evolves in tandem with the latest research and technological advancements in autism care.

Future-Proofing with Wearable Sensors

Looking to the future, Yalmo is committed to future-proofing with sensors. We are on the cusp of integrating wearable sensors, such as bracelets or trackers, which will significantly reduce manual data entry, thereby enhancing the accuracy and timeliness of the insights we provide.

Technical Implementation



Yalmo has achieved official authorization from the Israeli Ministry of Education, enabling the widespread adoption and application of the platform in educational settings. Our team and partners’ collective efforts have led to this commendable achievement.

The feedback we’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive, serving as a testament to the platform’s impact. The commendations from parents, caregivers, therapists, and medical professionals underscore the tangible benefits and improvements Yalmo brings to the lives of autistic children.

As we look to the future, our commitment to enhancing personalization remains at the forefront of our endeavors. We are in the process of incorporating advanced sensors into Yalmo, which will autonomously gather diverse data points. This innovation aims to simplify the user experience by reducing the reliance on manual data entry, thereby optimizing the overall effectiveness of the platform.

We remain dedicated to enriching the lives of countless individuals with autism, striving to provide them with the tools and insights necessary for a brighter, more empowered future. Healthcare software development services are crucial in supporting such impactful initiatives, ensuring the technology evolves to meet the needs of those it serves.

Roman Karasik
Roman Karasik Co-founder, and CEO at Yalmo, Israel

I was looking for a software development company that could help build the MVP version for my startup and when I found BeKey, I had zero doubts that it was the company I needed. They have just a lot of experience in healthcare app development, they understand exactly how to interact with users, how to build an easy-scalable application, and how to make it secure which is super important.

I'm happy with the product I got and the best part is that BeKey met all the deadlines which, frankly speaking, I didn't expect to happen. :)

The team’s commitment to creating an inclusive and engaging environment for children with autism has been remarkable, leading to a transformative user experience.

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