Gil Bashe

Digital Health Interviews: Gil Bashe — an Ambassador for Health Communications

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In our new episode of Digital Health Interviews, we'd love to introduce our guest — Gil Bashe.

Super insightful interview about the impact of tech giants and small digital health startups on overall healthcare system improvements and the importance of Artificial Intelligence and the challenges of its integration into hospitals.

Few words about Gil Bashe:

Gil is not your usual seasoned health-industry executive. His unique career path is shaped by more than three-plus decades in healthcare policy, pharma, life science, digital health, and venture capital communities informed his determination to ‘give back’.

A heart-centered, mission-driven champion advocating for health innovation that sustains life and improves people's care, Gil's perspectives were honed on the battlefield and in the boardroom. His start in health was as a combat medic in an elite military unit; he was a health products industry lobbyist; as clergy tending to the ill; as CEO of one of the world's largest integrated health marketing companies; from his stint in private equity; as a Medika Life and Health Tech World correspondent and as Chair Global Health at FINN Partners, a community of purpose dedicated to making a difference.

In the forefront of change, Gil is ranked as a Medical Marketing & Media Top 10 Innovation Catalyst; by PRWeek/MM&M as a Top 50 Health Influencer;” and by Medika Life as a “Top 50 Global Healthcare Influencer." PM360 presented him with its “Trailblazer Lifetime Achievement Award." He is a board member for digital health companies and serves as an advisory to the CNS Summit, Galien Foundation, Let’s Win for Pancreatic Cancer, Marfan Foundation, and other health-centered organizations.

Our previous episode with Rafael Grossmann, the first-ever surgeon to use Google Glass during the surgery: https://youtu.be/-AFluj-RfTs


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