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BeKey is a US-based engineering company that provides businesses worldwide with dedicated teams and builds custom software solutions for startups. Start working with high-rank experts in software and application development, design, data analytics, quality assurance, and marketing, and let them implement the most beneficial tech solution for your company.

Bekey - custom software development company

BeKey is a custom software application development company, based in the USA and founded in 2016, which aims to develop trusted products that benefit people. The company is headquartered in Israel and has a development center in Ukraine.

Сustom software for business

BeKey provides clients around the world with development teams and creates custom software for startups. Start collaborating with top experts in software and mobile apps development, data analysis, design, quality assurance, and marketing, and let them introduce the most cost-effective technologies for your team!

Our Mission

BeKey’s biggest goal is to influence the world of tech startups so much by supporting startups at all stages of creating their own product so that each of them can finally grow their own unicorn. We work with those who want to create products to help solve urgent problems and bring value to people. We like to see the results of our work, which have a positive effect on industries and people’s lives.

We Provide Agile Software Development Services

Agile software development is one of the most effective methods of moving from idea to product. Agile development uses stable planning and focuses on collaboration and gradual progress. It allows you to respond quickly to changes, rather than being tied to a plan. Our pool of certified and experienced developers helps us accelerate software development without compromising on quality. Due to this, we have successfully implemented a number of projects.

Want To Develop A Custom Software Solution?

We know from our own experience how to create custom software development projects. As part of an efficient development cycle, we can meet all your needs: from improving internal processes to updating customer services with bespoke intuitive software. Outsourcing a flexible and manageable team means that you get a quality product built according to your specifications.

We Provide Our IT Services to Various Industries

Our IT areas of expertise:

  • Digital healthcare (we have enough experience to be named a healthcare software development agency);
  • Advertising and marketing;
  • Wellness & fitness app development;
  • Hospitality & tourism;
  • Internet of Things;
  • Business process automation.

Our Software Development Cycle

The software development cycle is a conceptual structure that integrates all project activities, from planning and envisioning to development, testing and maintenance. Each of the processes contains a variety of tasks and activities. The software development cycle gives us a sufficient level of control over the work and helps to ensure that the final product meets the original requirements of the customer.

Why should you choose us as your Software development company?

If you are a startupper:

You need to control your finances and human resources, business development and marketing strategy, and be an inspiring leader. At the same time, you need to be fast, flexible, and innovative in terms of product development in order to look dignified against competitors and meet the expectations of partners, customers, and clients. It’s an exciting quest only from the inside; in fact, it is a difficult and painstaking work. And we are ready to help you with it!
BeKey is a center of innovation and a full stack software development company. We will walk side by side at every stage of product development: from concept validation to MVP, and then to product development. The solutions we create will help you achieve product compliance, satisfy your customers and partners as well as attract investment. You can also count on business consultations related to the launch: how to promote the product more effectively or how to make its pitch more attractive. Our company is useful for startups due to a number of advantages, including high speed in resolving issues that arise, saving money on hiring and adaptation of specialists, and growth from the very beginning of cooperation. In addition, BeKey employees guarantee full support of all processes in accordance with our knowledge of the industry.
As soon as a startup becomes a well-established mechanism and turns into a larger company, you may be faced with the following challenge: how to find a full-time development team, tuned to you and your business?
If you are looking for a development team:
As a center of innovation, we hire the most talented staff to meet your technical and soft skills requirements and organize them into dedicated teams. With their help, you will be able to prosper in the digital age, no matter how small or large your company is or how complex your idea is.
Our services:

  • we hire talents who are interested in working on your project specifically and give them attractive career benefits;
  • we use best management practices to build effective teams and equip them with cost-effective and flexible approaches to solve your problems;
  • your team works in a comfortable co-working area with other experienced professionals, shares expertise and knowledge-base;
  • your talents are never bored, and this has a positive effect on their productivity. We checked :)
  • we use hands-on learning to develop our talents and improve their skills: this allows us to retain them and motivate to work better.

As business owners, we know better than anyone that employees are the foundation of customer service and therefore the core of the brand. This is the reason why we select specialists so strictly and carefully for you. We are proud that the developers of our company offer high-quality products that meet both the vision of customers and the needs of their future users.
We can start working from anywhere on your product roadmap. We use a combination of flexible and frugal work to integrate a dedicated team into your work culture, ensure seamless communication, and increase work efficiency. What does it mean? We expand opportunities and attract our experts, they produce high-quality solutions, and your business moves faster from concept (or any other stage) to profit.
Along with excellent engineering and well-tested solutions provided by BeKey’s dedicated teams, we advise our clients on product development and marketing strategy. We are always ready to share our experience to improve, develop and scale your product.

Need a Custom Software? Tell us about Your Project

If you need help creating custom software that exactly meets your requirements, contact our experts and discuss the development solution in detail. We will help you gather the right specialists with extensive experience in custom development and a deep understanding of the specific industry. Send an email to contactus@bekey.io or fill out a special form on our website.


What is custom software development?

Custom software product development means the creation of special software designed to meet the specific needs of a particular business or individual customer. Investing in custom software allows you to be more successful because it is tailored to your specific preferences and expectations, and aimed at improving your efficiency, economy, and profitability.

What does a software development company do?

Software companies help businesses create everything from web and mobile apps to custom software platforms to meet specific needs. Even the world’s largest companies rely on the experience of software companies to create applications and software for their internal needs, as well as for their customers.

How to hire a software development company?

There are many benefits to using a dedicated IT software development company outside of your business. Outsourcing your multidisciplinary projects to a complex custom software development company can help you complete them on time, reduce project costs, and give you another pair of wheels at your speed.

How to choose a custom software development company?

  1. Find companies that have experience in developing projects in the industry you need, and check out the portfolio.
  2. Pay attention to the feedback from previous customers, and not only the one that represents the official website of the company.
  3. Feel free to question representatives of those businesses in your field, whose achievements and results motivate you, about their experience in choosing a software application development company.
  4. Check out the company accounts on social networks.
  5. Assess the level of expertise: read publications on the site, articles, watch speeches of top managers of the company at professional conferences.


project managers

BeKey had been very professional since its creation to deal with every project in a distinctive way.  Our team closely looks for the need of the customer, what features they are looking for and what specifications they want.

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back-end development

back-end development

It is our prime goal at BeKey to deliver best and most sophisticated design, implementation, and deployment to our clients by using our elite Back-End Developers

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design department

Throughout the years we've accumulated and raised an amazingly proficient and imaginative group of designers. Design Department is in charge of creating and dealing with all parts of our outline and imaginative field.

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quality assurance

QA Department plays a key role in the quality of software. Our testers are set to meet the quality standards of BeKey and act accordingly with the project requirements.

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front-end development

front-end development

The Front-End developer creates the environment for everything that users see and touch: content, layout, and interaction. BeKey offers versatile services as our developers can contribute their unique skills sets to your project.

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marketing department

A large portion of our customers have more than one of our services running: SEO, Paid Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Reputation Management, Data, and Insights.

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