BeKey Stands Out as a Leading App and Custom Software Developer in Israel on Clutch


Advances in tech and disruptive technologies like automation, cloud, and artificial intelligence make businesses reconsider their relationships with software engineering. The majority of industries seek tech talents to build solutions that will connect them to end customers through the latest innovative solutions. Therefore, in 2019, the competition between development teams, who work for B2B organizations and can deliver these solutions, is crazier than ever. This is why Clutch is a go-to for buyers & sellers alike.

Clutch is the leading platform for B2B ratings and reviews. It compiles client testimonials, in-depth case studies, and objective data to identify the truly best companies in the IT services & development industries. For buyers looking to hire a new partner, and for sellers to stand out as a top company in their market, Clutch is a reliable and trusted source for business partnerships.

BeKey Inc recently joined Clutch in the mission to rank against competitors and to receive feedback from clients via a third-party platform. In just a few short weeks, BeKey has risen in the ranks of the best mobile app development companies in 2019 and the best custom software development companies in Israel, and it's just a beginning.

We have our first two reviews on our Clutch profile and we’re incredibly excited to know that our work is of such a great value for our clients. We are delighted to hear from KMJ by Design — we’ve partnered with Kassandra Elron to work on the design and web-engineering for her studio almost half a year ago and that is indeed a beautiful and resourceful friendship.

KMJ by Design Review of BeKey Development Services

We also hope our automation solution will continue to simplify the daily routines of a holding company and our marketing team efforts over there will stay fruitful.

Ratings and reviews from Clutch help focus our attention on what really matters: our clients and how we can make our products and services better for them. Their sister-site, The Manifest, has also caught wind of our technical talent, and has included us on their list of the best app development companies in Israel in 2019!

Founded in 2016, we understand that our team is like the new kid on the block. Even so, we deliver more energy and innovation than any other company of its kind. We're an innovation hub that develops and implements disruptive solutions and engineers software that helps companies all over the world to reach their customers through digital transformation. Reach out to us today to get started on a new project!

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