Information Technology is growing at a rapid pace. With the new advancements in the industry, companies are always looking for new talent. The techniques, tools, procedures, methodologies, and approaches are inventing day by day. In order to cope with these trends and advancements, people belonging to the software industry are rapidly growing as well. Developers and managers are learning new techniques and tools to improve their productivity. Teams are becoming more dynamic. Developers are using the latest coding mechanisms to ensure maximum functionality. All this and a lot more is happening on a daily basis in the software and information technology industry.

Hiring can be the troublesome task. Companies that need to hire new raw talent have to undergo a lot of procedural tasks. Hiring is not a piece of a cake. While companies follow standard hiring procedures, there is a lot that many software development companies don’t know. Most often the employer doesn’t know what is looking for. This happens when the employer doesn’t have the knowledge of the required skill himself. Often, the candidates that apply for the certain position also lack special skill set needed for the job. To tackle a situation like this, companies develop new strategies and adopt various different methods. Many corporations also use third party hiring services. But using the services of a third party hiring company is a costly solution. If the employers can adopt the methodology required to hire new talent in the company without any trouble; this hiring cost can be reduced to many folds.

1: Look for someone who is smart and can adapt quickly:

If you think that you are smart enough to stay ahead in the market, you might be wrong. In the modern industry, the dynamic nature of work and multitasking are the only solutions to stay ahead in the market. Whenever you need to hire a new employee, make sure he is smart enough to do the job. Hire the person you consider the smartest and it can help you a lot with so many things. Don’t go for the candidates who are straightforward. Always look for a person with the capability to think out of the box. Innovation and creative thinking should be the hobbies of the candidate you want to hire.


2: Evaluate the candidate before hiring:

Evaluation is the easiest solution to find out if the person you are going to hire is capable enough to do the job or not. While there are so many different ways of evaluating the candidate’s ability, the most important and effective evaluation is the situational evaluation. Whenever a new candidate appears for the interview, evaluate him with some real-life problems. Give them a task to perform and evaluate their performance. Companies that hire candidates based on this task-based evaluation are more likely to hire the perfect guy. Take a couple of tests, let the candidate show his skills, diversity, and problem-solving ability before you hire one. This is the most effective way to ensure that you have hired the best guy for the job.


3: Always be flexible in your approach:

As many new developers learn multiple coding languages to solve complex situations; always look for the person who has the best approach. In the modern day world, the code is not important. What’s more important is the approach of the coder. If the coder’s approach is good enough to solve the on-hand problems, he might be the guy you are looking for. Be flexible while hiring. What language the candidate uses for coding is not important. What’s more important is how he writes the code and how does he merge different algorithms to achieve the result in minimal time.


4: Keep in mind their interests:

While hiring a developer, it is important to know the kind of projects he likes to develop. Every developer has some certain projects they like to work on. Some developers find it easy to develop e-commerce stores, while some developers like to develop ERP systems. Always make sure to find out the candidates interest. This can not only save you a lot of time and cash in hiring the developer, it can also increase the efficiency of your work. The developers that like their work are more efficient than the developers who are forced to do certain projects.


5: Hire the person with multiple skills:

Modern-day coding is all about merging different coding procedures and playing with the code. The complex and ever-growing nature of the industry has made it nearly impossible for specialists to survive. While specialists have a certain place in the market, developers who are able to perform different duties are more suitable for real-life projects. Entrepreneurs and companies are looking for people with multiple talents. Developers that can write the code in different languages and also perform the quality testing are hired more. Many different companies ask their developers to design the projects as well. Projects managers are looking forward to creating a team having diversified and multitalented team members. In circumstances like these, it is always helpful for the company to hire someone who is multitalented.


While many companies have separate hiring departments, these points are most useful for the employers who are not technical enough. Hiring a technical guy needs special abilities, so if you are not technical enough, let an expert do the job. We at Bekey, provide matchless hiring services for new companies and entrepreneurs. We are an agency that helps the companies to grow by hiring the perfect candidates. Bekey has a lot of experience in providing third-party hiring services. As hiring errors can prove costly to cover, let us be your hiring partner and ensure the presence of an excellent in-house development team.


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