Building the Best Team of Developers: How to Hire a Dedicated Team

The recent developments in markets these days pose a difficulty to companies who desire to have a professional dedicated development team to develop their projects. Many of such companies resolve to hire a freelancer who gets the job not only on a contract but on evaluation; there might be issues with compliance with the requirements of the company.

To execute a project with finesse, every investor wants a team of dedicated developers. We are not talking about freelance or part-time employees but full-time dedicated monthly hired developers at top performance. Our team of hired dedicated developers has a sense of excellence and experience to achieve their aim.

Alternatively, a company can choose a more natural way of sourcing directly for the best candidate rather than sifting through a whole pile. Already by statistics, only about 38% of engineering firms actively hire professional they need for specific roles. For instance, software engineers and developers demand their salaries and other dividends in recent times.

The common idea of the team that hires developers is that they take more time to find the right professional. But the truth remains that it is quite better to take enough time to find out correct individuals and build the right team than take rush into putting square pegs into square holes. A productive team will not only fit into the present project, but a long-term vision will be kept in mind to ensure continuity. It will not profit either party to accomplish a particular project and end with it.

This case needs not be encountered repeatedly when we hire dedicated developers. BeKey is here to help you build the best team of developers whose selection is by the stated requirements of our clients. Therefore, our clients will not have to go searching for new dedicated development team each time. There will be a ready team that can be integrated into the project framework.

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Several factors stand us out as a Software Development company, a few of them are:

  1. We adhere strictly to what our clients want concerning their overall project scope, time and cost.
  2. Our procedure saves a lot of time you could have spent sorting out profiles and selecting which of them are best for you.
  3. In the case of a need for more than one hired dedicated developer, it is not all about individual competence and relevance; candidates must be able to synchronize well with one another.
  4. Integration of the team into an existing framework or supporting squad is also a vital reason why you should choose us. We believe if a Development team remains relevant to your subsequent projects, they must be well-integrated into your team in the ground. Teamwork is vital to significant programs and productivity.
  5. We give our clients absolute control over the terms and conditions of execution of projects. This is because all of the possible issues must have been clearly defined by the word 'go.'
  6. Highly secure working environment: We create a protected environment that covers every potential risk and vulnerability of all intellectual property.
  7. Flexibility: as the work progresses, there is room to advance by online regulation and checking. This feature helps to monitor the progress and in input ideas where necessary and wherever such are still admissible.
  8. Unbroken communication: We maintain a good communication skill with all the required stakeholder to ensure that all things are in place. We also sign a non-disclosure agreement to provide all parties are on the same page.
  9. Team permanence: we raise a team that is committed on a long-term basis. These teams know the true worth of commitment and the pursuit of a long term.

The decision on sourcing for the best team and integrating them outrightly is our committed task. And at the end of our process, our clients also earn a dedicated development team.

There are different usable tactics or methods of hiring developers; majorly inbound and outbound. The outbound approach involves having a strategy of finding the right candidates to execute the project with professionalism. After selecting the plan, the next step is to attract them to apply for the job. There are some ways to accomplish this; it can be through a direct skill relevance search probably through LinkedIn or other professional platforms. Another means could be through knowledge sharing platforms such as workshops, seminars, and conferences. At these events, there is always an avenue to meet with people from related fields.

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The other means is through the Inbound method. This method involves candidates deliberately coming to your agency to apply for relevant project teams they want to be part of. There is also a need to intentionally carve out a means of placing a reputable emphasis in the professional market and acquire a consistently reliable development team.

Inbound methods could include opening entries in the career page of the agency's website. An alternative is to create the opening through the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other platforms. Achieving this feat of hiring a dedicated team is one of the benefits of building a good following in the first place. Why then won't the agency make use of such avenues to complete the project on time and of the best quality? When the agency receives the application, a vetting team can now work on the forms to verify who will be the best fit for each role in the intended team of developers.

To spare multinationals the encountered stress to hire a dedicated team, especially before finding the best fit for their tasks, some corporations can be entrusted with that responsibility. The process can also prove tedious and both time and capital consuming. But in the light of securing the services of a professional firm in the outsourcing. There are new but useful procedures these agencies use to ensure the need is met.

You can contact BeKey today for more inquiries and further information. More detailed information is made available on our website and blog articles here.


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