Outstaffing - Perfect Solution for Building a Dedicated Software Development Team

When establishing your software startup, the first and main factor to be considered is the business idea and how big it is. The next factor to be considered is to plan for customer satisfaction on the products or services the business will be rendering. However, the staff of the company cannot be overlooked because they are responsible for the plan execution. This is a reason why establishing and laying a good foundation for startups are very difficult.

A team is a group of individuals with similar vision who work together ensuring that the business goals and objectives are achieved according to the plan. It is essential for any business to have a team who can be dedicated to the business, hence, the right staff. The software development industry is a very competitive one just like some other industries. However, the quality of staff that works in an organization will determine if the business will succeed or not. The staff is the backbone of the business as they drive the process.

The team or staff is indeed the backbone of any business operations, hence determining the survival of the business. This brings about a problem of recruiting the right candidates for the business for the long and short run. So, to overcome these challenges, software development organizations have to make critical decisions while hiring staff. They have to decide if they should build their in-house team or to outstaff, i.e., hire dedicated developers from one of the outstaffing companies. Both approaches have their merits and demerits. But in this post, we will be discussing the second option which is the outstaffing. Outstaffing involves giving the responsibilities of your business operations to an external company of developers. Below are some of the benefits of outstaffing your business operations.

Outstaffing Work to Qualified Developers or a Digital Service Company

By outsourcing your company work to a dedicated software development company or team, you stand to know that:


You will spend much less than you expected by hiring a dedicated team since the salaries are much lower in Ukraine due to the economic level but the talent and expertise are still great. Also, you don’t need to set up a workspace for dedicated employees, worry about organizing team-buildings or taking care of high taxes in your country.


Starting up your business becomes easier, as you stand to have an already organized structure with experienced team members. The team knows what you want, so they require minimal instructions to accomplish tasks. This leaves you much time to carry on other projects.


Dedicated digital development companies have specialists in all kinds of tasks or projects that you require, therefore bringing you an abundance of skills for your projects. Therefore, you are hiring highly skilled professionals right from startup making your output excellent and professional to satisfy your clients beyond their imagination.


The members of the dedicated team have worked in a team ensuring that you delegate tasks to them and will help unify the team. This will boost your work process by having lesser risks expected of a startup.


A software development company that fits into your business requirements will make detailed documentation of your products and proceedings, for your work and their future engagements. It will be easy for them to document your products and services because they have worked with other startups like yours. This will boost your sales because they will provide detailed and appealing product descriptions for your products. It will make it easier for any new employee to adapt to the company standard that is already on the ground and make your customers know and relate with your products with ease.

I believe you now understand the benefits you stand to gain from hiring a dedicated software development team. So how do you choose a company that best suits your project aims and goals?


Ensure that you hire a company that has a team who places high importance on a constantly improving project development processes. Such a team must value briefing and debriefings. This is a reason why you should choose BeKey for all your software business solutions. BeKey is a company with a lot of experience in mobile development, automation engineering, full-stack development, and project management. Our values are flexibility, expertise, dedication, and transparency. You will be able to save costs in hiring our dedicated team who will easily integrate into your business operations and needs. Your work will be done faster than you expected while you have more time to engage in other development tasks. This is a reason you need a solution provider like BeKey. We have a high performing Offshore Development Team (ODT) that can produce and maintain your software, suggest business solutions for your business and deliver on time.

The second tip on knowing who to hire is to ensure the company can provide the team size required for your business. BeKey can offer you the number of professionals that are required for your business. They will treat your business with the importance that your business requires and deserves. If you hire us at BeKey, you don’t have to fear about how too big or too small we are to work properly in achieving your goals. We work accordingly, carry you along and deliver excellently and on schedule.


As a startup, you should pay attention to the software that the dedicated company specializes. You want a focused software development partner. Therefore, the company should be vast in the software your business adopts. At BeKey, we work with different technologies, so you will easily find a team of specialists that work on various software building platforms. You will always find professionals who are specialized in any software platform you wish to work with or which you’ve adopted in your organization.

Finally, if you want more proof that BeKey is the company to hire for your project, visit our website to check for reviews and our success stories. Our flexible and agile business plans show that our customers are satisfied with our services and they recommend us to their contacts. Our trustworthiness and transparency mean you can depend on us to deliver your solutions when you need it.


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