Top 5 Tech Barriers Faced by Early-Stage Startups

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There is no doubt how technology is developing and reaching new lengths every single day. This has given some extremely good opportunities for startups with greater success potential. However, it is crucial that they make a name for themselves in the field and overcome the challenges properly. Obstacles are everywhere. They can struggle for many years. For some, it takes a lot of time to be fruitful compared to what they expected while some even give up.

Here are the top 5 tech barriers and difficulties faced by startups that they need to solve:

Industry-specific knowledge is limited:

Founders that belong to business often do not have much idea about the technology and frameworks, and thus, they fail to stay updated about the latest trends in platforms and tools. Similarly, it is also hard to manage financial issues that are related to full-scale customer offerings. People who are not related to technology and belong to different backgrounds tend to look for startups hence, they do have a great idea but it is hard for them to operate it as a business.

Finding the right consultant and advisor can be the best solution for non-technical startupers to implement all the great ideas. BeKey has multiple years of experience developing software products, operating and building teams for startups. Using this expertise we are happy to share it with everyone who needs it.

Limited talent

You might be looking for recruiting the best specialists near you but it might be taking too long to find them. Even though it is easy to hire someone from the same city, the talent pool in one place can be quite limited even if you ask for references through other employees. Also, skilled developers usually prefer larger companies over startups due to stability and multiple social benefits.

You can build yourself a strong team by hiring developers remotely. This way, no one is limited to any location and you can avail your needs at low prices as well. Offshore teams do great and are efficient for small and medium businesses. BeKey has done the job easier for you by offering all-rounded development support and setting up a dedicated, talented team gathered specifically upon your needs.

Channel choice

The customer contact is usually through IoT, mobile, kiosk, desktop, etc. the main issue is that since startups mostly lack experience, they fail to realize which channel will suit their needs in the best possible way. There are already many examples of high-profile e-commerce startups that went for mobile-only by mistake even before developing all the platforms. The benefits of each and every channel should be compared when continuing towards interactive customer touchpoints. We at BeKey, combine our business expertise with tech talent to offer complete services in startup development.

Competitive market

Today's startups have to face tough competition and oversaturation in the market. A business leader has to consider a lot of things just to stand out from the rest of the companies offering similar services. It is important for them to always be ahead of trends and secure loyalty of their brand by providing quality to the customers at the same time.

The key is to have direct communication with your customers and improve your services as well as products according to the feedback. Remember, positive criticism is never bad. Customer feedback and innovation are truly crucial for growth and standing out from the market. 

Security issue

People hardly care about security now and it is most of the time ignored or taken too lightly. However, it is important to note that hacking and confidential data being lost is extremely common now. Every startup keeps needs to keep security management as its highest priority. Approaches that are needed to be taken by the startups are well taught by BeKey. Solutions to secure devices, data and online workplaces should be taken at all costs. All the business heads must be informed about the kind of customer data that is shared, whoever is taking it, and how it will be used. Consent agreements should not be forgotten either. A security risk management strategy should be prioritized along with up-to-date software.

Project management, regulatory compliance, vendor management, controlling costs, etc. must also be in safe hands. All in all, the key is to overcome the types of challenges you face and develop a transformative technology power through wise steps. BeKey offers solutions to help startups learn their own mistakes through a variety of ways to keep their tech foundations successful with good future potential.


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