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Our client, border_0, operates in the diverse field of video production. As an advertising and branding studio, they identified a significant gap in the market. Businesses found it challenging to order advertising videos due to high costs and the lack of a specialized platform for searching and communicating with videographers

Target Customers

Our target customers are businesses and individuals seeking video production services for various purposes, as well as freelance videographers who desire well-defined project outlines.



The main problem was the absence of a specialized platform for videographers and clients. Existing platforms were not tailored to the unique workflow of videographers and video development, making it uncomfortable for them to monitor progress and draw up briefs. Briefing was a significant issue for videographers as clients often struggled to provide clear instructions for video creation.


Client-Videographer Communication

Client-Videographer Communication

There’s often a disconnect between the envisioned video and the final product. Clients, unfamiliar with industry jargon, found it difficult to convey their creative concepts, leading to a series of revisions that affected project timelines and budgets.

Quality Matching

Quality Matching

The challenge was not only to match clients with videographers but also to ensure that the pairing was optimal. This required a deep understanding of both parties’ needs and the ability to translate those needs into a robust set of matching criteria.

User Experience

User Experience

Creating a seamless user experience was paramount. The platform needed to be accessible to users with varying levels of technical proficiency, ensuring that they could navigate the system with ease and confidence.

Technical Implementation

Technical Implementation

The technical implementation had to support a complex algorithm capable of handling multiple variables. It needed to be both flexible and scalable to accommodate the growing demands of the video production market.

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  • Transformative Video Production Platform
  • Virtual Producer Interface
  • Dedicated Software Development Team
  • Advanced Matching Algorithm
  • User-Friendly Experience
  • Feedback Loop for Continuous Improvement
  • Innovative Payment System
  • Data Security and Privacy
  • Streamlined Communication and High-Quality Match

Transformative Video Production Platform

INeedVideo stands as a transformative force in the video production landscape, offering a seamless blend of technology and user-centric design to address industry challenges.

Virtual Producer Interface

Our platform serves as a virtual producer, guiding clients through the briefing process with a structured tool that translates their vision into clear, actionable directives for videographers. This innovative approach eliminates the need for a real producer, ensuring detailed project descriptions and facilitating the selection of suitable specialists.

Dedicated Software Development Team

Our platform’s development was powered by a dedicated software development team, ensuring that the intricate needs of the video production industry were met with precision and expertise.

Advanced Matching Algorithm

The heart of INeedVideo lies in its advanced matching algorithm, a dynamic engine that not only considers videographer experience, pricing, and project requirements but also adapts to user feedback. Utilizing machine learning, it refines its suggestions over time, creating a quality matching system that intelligently pairs clients with the ideal videographers, thereby enhancing project outcomes.

User-Friendly Experience

Our commitment to a user-friendly experience is evident in the platform’s intuitive interface, designed with a minimalist approach to reduce clutter and focus on the essential elements of the user journey. This philosophy extends to both the front-end interface and the back-end processes, allowing clients and videographers to effortlessly navigate through project creation, brief drafting, and monitoring phases. The simplicity of INeedVideo encourages user engagement, making it an accessible and efficient tool for video production needs.

Feedback Loop for Continuous Improvement

The platform also incorporates a feedback loop that captures client and videographer satisfaction post-project completion. This feedback is crucial for continuous improvement, allowing the system to fine-tune its matching algorithm and enhance user experience.

Innovative Payment System

Moreover, INeedVideo’s commitment to innovation extends to its payment system, which ensures secure and timely transactions. The platform supports various payment methods, catering to a global clientele. This flexibility not only simplifies the payment process but also builds trust between all parties involved.

Data Security and Privacy

Additionally, INeedVideo places a high priority on data security and privacy. The platform employs security protocols to protect user information and project details. This commitment to security fosters a safe environment where clients and videographers can collaborate with peace of mind.

Streamlined Communication and High-Quality Match

By integrating these features, INeedVideo not only streamlines the communication between clients and videographers but also ensures a high-quality match and a pleasant user experience. It’s a comprehensive solution that revolutionizes the way video production is managed, setting a new standard for the industry.

Technical Implementation



Our innovative approach results in a streamlined process for clients, making video project brief creation accessible to all, regardless of their level of expertise. It provides precise, structured project briefs that minimize the risk of scope creep and ensure fair compensation for videographers. The AI-driven matching system ensures high-quality matches between clients and videographers, leading to successful project outcomes. Overall, our solutions save time and effort for all parties involved while delivering exceptional results.

This success story showcases our commitment to providing innovative solutions that address our client’s unique challenges. We are proud of our work with border_0 and look forward to future collaborations that push the boundaries of what is possible in the video production industry.

Ivan Dergachev
Ivan Dergachev Co-Founder of INeedVideo

I recently had the pleasure of working with BeKey to develop the INeedVideo platform, and I must say, it’s like they read my mind and solved all the headaches. The advanced matching algorithm and the virtual producer interface were just what we needed. The end product exceeded my expectations – efficient, effective, and on-point! The team’s innovative spirit and problem-solving capabilities shone through, especially in their development of a dynamic system that accommodates the unpredictable nature of the visual-making industry.

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