Newx2018 Development Success Story

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Newx2018 is an e-commerce entertainment project. BeKey Team was called to carry out the project that already passed through 3 different development teams, who all failed to finish it. We accepted this challenge and implemented the project successfully.


Build pixel perfect and easy to use entertainment e-commerce system. The custom multilingual entertainment e-commerce platform enables users to purchase baubles as a present or advertisement on the X-Tree.


html CSS3 php MySQL

High-Level Features Description


We developed a comprehensive e-commerce system containing queues, custom algorithm to locate a purchased bauble on a tree and integration with payment systems with separate versions for mobile, tablets and PCs. Our development Team faced three main challenges in this project:

  1. First challenge was locating bauble on the tree – the tree is a triangle and as all developers know, triangles are not “native” for a webpage. Webpage is built from blocks and in order to locate baubles with 7 different sizes dynamically we had to write a complicated algorithm that calculates the location of each bauble on the tree. Moreover, we successfully enabled new baubles shifting down the old ones.
  2. Second one was to proceed a large amount of purchases simultaneously while keeping the correct order of the proceeded purchases. We found and implemented a custom queue solution that ideally fitted this requirement.
  3. Last but not the least was the tremendous number of small details such as real-time image processing. We are combining several different images to create beautiful postcards.

Here is the partial list of features we successfully developed in this project:

  • Integration with the payment system
  • Queue for purchased baubles
  • Custom algorithm for locating baubles on the trees
  • RT image processing, creating new images on the fly
  • Personal account pages
  • Cloud-based
  • Multilingual
  • Scalable
  • E-commerce
  • Custom algorithms
  • Queues
  • Image processing and manipulation
  • Testing and system monitoring automation
  • Automatic builds and releases
  • Payment systems
  • 3rd parties
  • Analytics
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