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What’s Flutter, Flutter 2.0 for mobile, web and desktop? And why it’s great for startups

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As an early-stage startup founder, you often want to build your product quickly while maintaining high quality—and save costs. Especially if you have a tech product that needs to be tested among first adopters and showed to VCs as early as possible. We want to help, so here’s some info about Flutter.

Flutter is a UI toolkit that has been developed by Google. It uses Dart as a programming language, and the recent version, Flutter 2.0 allowed developers to ship from a single codebase to iOS, Android, and web among other things. So, you need to hire one Flutter developer with solid experience to do all that. (There’s also shipping to desktop in beta-testing, so: that, soon, will also be possible.)

Apart from that, Flutter has an incredible performance due to native rendering (when all graphics is “drawn” within the targeted device operating system—as opposed to doing it through a JavaScript buffer which can also be great but weakens performance.) It allows using components from Material Design and Apple’s Cupertino style guide, which makes your app look and feel native. Developers also like working with it a lot: e.g. Flutter has a hot-reload function, that saves developers compiling time and shows the result of their code changes after few seconds — and many other tools that make engineering easy & quick & fun.

It takes twice less time to build an app on Flutter than with other cross-platform tools. Google and many other companies use Flutter for their mobile apps (see case studies here)

So hey, consider using it for your app development: you’ll get a beautiful app with high performance, built quickly, so you can show it to your potential customers and investors fast.

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